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  1. Hi guys, long time reader and first time poster here. I was wondering what everyones thoughts are on radio 1 at the moment. I have to say for me its sounding great at the moment. I've been off the last week so been able to listen much more than usual. Scott and Chris are sounding great and definitely can't see him leavings soon (even with his radio 2 cover). I do enjoy breakfast even though there is something missing, that was in Greg's afternoon show. Jordan has sounded so good on drive this week and I think its a crime he's not got a bigger show. I think I'm one of the few who likes the weekend schedule starting on a Friday. I think Dev and Alice are sounding awesome and have improved so much, wouldn't mind them getting a bigger show too. At the moment there seems to be a good feeling at radio 1 that I think come across the radio, it feels like its a big family, something I think was missing for a few years. All the djs seem to actually like working together. This also showed when Ricky, Melvin and Charlie started (who I also really like), they seemed to be welcomed into the family. The only criticism I do have is that Clara's show is a bit dull and nothing much really seems to happen in it apart from the live lounge. I also think that Maya is a really hard listen, she sounds very half hearted and like she just turns up. She also doesn't feel part of the radio 1 family and like she doesn't try to be and I think the other djs may feel this too (Scott and Greg played her supermassive hole muck up a few times).
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