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  1. Big weekend announcement this wednesday 27th feb morning in gregs show
  2. Ok aled said yesterday next thursday they have their next announcement, im hoping thats tommorrow
  3. Haha r1 escape roomz doesnt look promising for a big weekend announcement this week now
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0080x5m/broadcasts/upcoming Nothing penciled in for tuesday or wednesday, but monday something happens to greg, wednesday is the brits and thursday is the after party, so im thinking monday or tuesday is possible for announcement day and its half term and im gonna go insane if they dont announce it soon
  5. I cant see sigrid being a launch artist, they usually go for a big name to draw attention in the press etc... sigrid isnt there yet, more likely ed sheran or miley cyrus or someone with that kinda status
  6. Its probably a case of waiting for the artist they are gonna announce to have a spare morning as they usually perform on the show on announcement day, also something is happening to greg on monday i wonder..... maybe been kidnapped and hes gotta give clues to where he is or something also half term good timing for announcements
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