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    dankargo got a reaction from thebeuter in Target Audience   
    Does anyone else feel that Radio 1 need to broaden their target audience?  As of now it is 15-29 but being 26 myself currently,  I can't see myself switching to another station as my main preference within the next 5 years.  I think 15-35 would be a lot better.
    Anyone listening beyond 29?
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    dankargo got a reaction from bensteele in Hello New Members!   
    Just recently discovered this website and so happy I did.
    Firstly I'd like to congratulate the entire site team on a wonderful job you have done with the website - especially the impressive podcast archive which I really appreciate and will be delving into as soon as I have written this!
    Secondly, it's so nice to find a place that I can come to outside of the hours that I listen to Radio 1 (weekdays 1-7pm!) - you all seem such a friendly bunch and I shall look forward to joining in with the discussions
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