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  1. I'll have a bit of different perspective as a U.S. based listener. In no particular order...

    BBC Radio 1 - Mostly Mills and Greg James with Adele Roberts if I'm up past 11p. I do like Alice when she's in for Scott but rarely catch her show on the weekends.

    The Game 730 AM - mix of local and national sports talk and game broadcasts (particularly Mad Dog in the Afternoon & Ferrall on the Bench)

    97.5 NOW - local Top-40 station, but not for more than an hour when songs start to loop

    90.5 WKAR - local NPR/Public radio, but only for Morning Edition and All Things Considered since I can't put up with classical music for too long :lol:

    870 AM - mostly BBC World Service (particularly Newshour and World Have Your Say) with some NPR and local stuff. I try to tune in for Al Martin's "Current Sports" if I'm off school and also their Spanish-language music/news program on weekend mornings.

    If nothing suits my fancy on regular radio I'll get on Pandora or Spotify or pop a CD in. There also an assortment of podcasts I listen to - the obvious ones (see Mills and James) plus these:

    ESPN Fantasy Focus (football and baseball) [3-5 weekly in-season, 2x per month off-season]

    Chips with everything ("digital culture" podcast from The Guardian) [1x weekly]

    Serial [1x during a season - 2nd season didn't capture my interest as much as the 1st]

    My Dad Wrote A Porno [1x weekly + 1x weekly "footnotes" during a season]

    FiveThirtyEight politics podcast [1x weekly, but was every weekday in the buildup to the U.S. election]

    Arsecast (Arsenal podcast) [2x weekly]

    Effectively Wild (baseball podcast) [3-4x weekly]

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