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  1. 2 hours ago, BBCR1_James said:

    I agree I don’t really like Anthems anymore, feels unnecessary. They could just slip a couple of classic turns into the playlist throughout the day. Or make some classic mixes available on BBC Sounds.

    I always thought Party Anthems was good 6-7 as it kind of symbolised end of the working week and start of the weekend. Bit pointless 3-4. If they wanted to bring Annie Mac forward I would of done Official Chart 3-5 and Party Anthems 5-5:45. 

    I would hope the ‘Anthems’ or classic tracks they play during these three hours are proper classic tracks. My local radio station has a show of a similar theme and, today, played Ed Sheeran’s ‘Castle on the Hill’, while labelling it a throwback. It is THREE (3) years old...

  2. 16 hours ago, Ash101 said:

    What do you mean? Anthems 10-11 isn’t pre recorded? As they regularly give out mentions.

    I just don't see the need for the for the 10am-11am anthems slot or the party anthems 3pm-4pm on a Friday. It feels like a complete waste of four hours of radio, and as I have said, Jordan and Dev could have easily been given three hour slots each across their days instead of this.

  3. 1 hour ago, THIS IS THE BBC said:

    Grid below to show schedule from 1st September.

    It really shows how different the weekday, Friday and weekend timings are!

    I have left out some of the early morning as there are so many shows in a short amount of time and they change around constantly and weren't on the press release.

    Click on image to enlarge.


    schedule-min (2).png

    I think it would be a much neater schedule if they got rid of best new pop, bringing Arielle's show in line with Adele's show and also getting rid of party anthems, giving Dev 3hrs on all three days.

    Agree with your statement about getting rid of the party anthems. In addition, they could have really got rid of Radio 1 Anthems too to give Jordan and Dev three hours each. Yes, it wouldn't line up with the daytime schedule, but it's better than a needless pre-record.

  4. 1 hour ago, Jono said:

    After hearing more than 24 hours of Scott's lolathon, I can no longer to listen to Sigrid's Don't Feel Like Crying song. I think the feeling was mutual with Scott when he said "oh god" by the time he'd played it a fifth or sixth time! It's the opening bars if they come on Spotify which instantly makes me have to switch off.

    Any songs you've had ruined by Radio 1 because of overkill or perhaps because the DJs have mocked it?

    This is half R1 and half Kiss (because that’s what my friend listens to), but “God’s Plan” by Drake has become unlistenable for me now.

  5. 8 minutes ago, OohErr said:

    Okay, a slightly clickbaity title. But here it goes: not moving to the breakfast show with Greg, the picture on the website being briefly changed and then changed back, having worked at Radio 1 for ten years, seven of those reading the afternoon news. And this...

    So it could be one of several things: 

    1) They're announcing Greg's start date and that Chris Smith WILL be joining him after all.

    2) He's being promoted to an off-air role so it's his last Newsbeat.

    3) He's leaving Newsbeat so it's his last Newsbeat.



    I really hope, in the final minute of Newsbeat, Chris gets joined by Greg (even though he's on leave) and says something like "Today is my last day... for a few weeks, then I'll be back with Greg in September. SURPRISE!"

  6. 1 hour ago, OohErr said:

    Literally just announced on air right now: Greg's last drivetime show is Thursday 19th July. Two week's time! And at 6:35pm he'll play the song he hates most on the Radio 1 playlist.

    He said he's taking "a little break" before the breakfast show starts, so I'd take that to mean no less than two weeks and no more than a month. Therefore, I reckon the breakfast show will start on either Monday 6th, 13 or 20th August.

    Any guesses as to what song he hates most? 

  7. 1 hour ago, OohErr said:

    I notice Chris hasn't been on Greg's show this week - What's My Age Again was with Danny Howard and Shouldn't Be News was with Clara Amfo and Simon McCoy, but he's been reading the news. I hope he isn't being phased out, his involvement was already reduced once before to its current levels.

    He's probably been tied up with all this Brexit stuff (and other things). I hope he'll still be on the podcast!

  8. 4 minutes ago, spotty said:

    I wonder if grimmy chose to leave or was told to leave. I'm sad Scott didn't get it but I do love Greg's podcast, I just hope grace and Chris move with him.

    I think Grimmy finally had enough with constant press negativity and decided to call it quits. Each time the RAJAR's were released, he had the backing of Ben Cooper, so I don't think he was forced out in the way Chris Moyles was.

    As for Greg's podcast, he has confirmed that is transferring across to breakfast with him which I am relieved about!

  9. For those who may miss this announcement on the Chatbox, it has been announced this morning that Grimmy is leaving the breakfast show in September after 6 years. Greg will replace him and Grimmy will go to Drivetime. Full BBC statement is below:


  10. 15 hours ago, OohErr said:

    Have to say, I'm a bit jealous watching all the Instagram stories of the Radio 1 DJs right now. They're all out in Swansea and it looks like they're having such a laugh, is it weird that I'd love to be mates with them.

    I don't think it's at all weird. I think it's quite natural - especially if you listen to them every day and have done so for years. They share so much of their lives and you become invested; look at when Chris Stark announced he was getting married. That was a huge moment for me as a listener as I have listened to Scott and Chris for years - from the Tap End days and the stag dos/holidays in Kavos to this big thing.

  11. 28 minutes ago, Marcus17 said:

    I think the main problem is she tries to be funny when she’s not, and it ends up making her look like a cringeworthy mess. She’s no Alice Levine that’s for sure.

    Indeed she is not! It took me a while to warm to Alice, but I genuinely think she is a great broadcaster. I don't think I'll warm to Maya in the same way, if at all.

  12. So today, I downloaded the podcast to hear Chris' announcement in full and completely agree with comments made on this forum (I'm looking at you, OohErr ;)) about Maya Jama's irrelevance on the show. I should add that this was the first time I downloaded the Friday podcast since she started on the show.

    She added a lot unnecessary comments, especially during Steve Holden's entertainment news. He meant to say Jurassic World, but said Jurassic Park and Maya chips in with 'different'. WHAT WAS THE POINT? SHUT UP!

    I, for one, will be glad when the schedules change and the show will be Maya-less. On a side note, because Scott will be doing the chart, will the Chart Update move to Mondays 3:30pm-4pm and that will mean 30 minutes less of Greatest Hits? I hope so!

  13. 13 minutes ago, Dan18F1 said:

    The week after has Adele doing the breakfast show on the Monday and Phil doing Annie’s show in Monday as well. At the moment there is no presenter doing the Early Breakfast Show. 

    Will probably be Jordan. It is a bank holiday on the 28th (or at least it is here in Scotland).

  14. On 01/05/2018 at 4:20 PM, OohErr said:

    Haven't heard Greg's show for a while until today - unless today was just a one off, he now plays FIVE songs before his opening link. Two in a row, a ramp, a crunch and roll, a trail, a song and THEN the first proper link at about 16:18. That's ridiculous. 

    One week on and this still appears to be the case. Scott does 2, a wee 'Hiya', then 2 then his first proper link around 1:15pm (depending on lengths of songs) so I don't think it's too much to worry about.

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