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  1. I don't think it's the quality of the writing that's got the interest somehow... some people don't really need that, I mean look how many read The Sun, the writing in that is terrible too.

    It's easy to read though, no difficult words. You don't need any GCSEs.

  2. That's cool. And yes I think Chris did act a bit funny towards her. I liked her because she really seemed to know her stuff. I never get why they have competitions like this but then say they can't really play heavy dance music in the morning though.

  3. Many people would say that was typical, ignorant Americans but you can't realise generalise a whole population like that, especially one so large as America. But it does seem that Americans perhaps don't know as much about other cultures as, for example, people in Europe. Maybe it has something to do with America being so big.

  4. I love CM.Net! The site is more about Chris himself than the show so I doubt that'll go away. There are a few regular posters that'll keep it going.

    i think radio 1 should give him a good proper send off. love or hate him he's been one of the best servants the station will ever have, i would love to hear some archive footage from the old afternoon shows and early breakfast etc. but im not holding my breath, this is a station who seem to be ashamed of their history afterall.

    Over on Chrismoyles.net there is a ton of old archived shows going back to when he was on Radio Luxembourg, afternoons, early breakfast shows, everything near enough. http://chrismoyles.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=22764#p374470

  5. Anyone else notice Grimmy tends to have a lot more guests in than Scott ever does during the 1-4 shift? Scott gets the odd one every couple weeks, but Grimmy always seems to have big names in when Scott's gone. Scott always used to have a ton in from 4-7 and that ended when he got pushed to an earlier slot.

    Probably because (as Chris Moyles always makes jokes about) he knows them all quite well. He is apparently quite 'showbiz'.

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