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  1. So sorry to hear that too. How did it go?

    Not great but what else could you say really about a funeral. My grandad had cancer and my grandma had heart and respiratory problems. My grandma was recovering but once they told her the news the doctors said that she had sort of just gave up and they had to leave her. Very sad but she would never want to be on her own if you get what I mean. Being married to someone for 50+ years means you are very close (obviously).

    So, they were cremated. They liked playing bowls (my grandma did and my grandad ended up getting involved as a result) so there was a little gathering at the bowls club which I imagine they would have liked. They had a lot of friends down there.

  2. Yeah BBC Radio 1 do seem to be giving Phil Taggart a lot of exposure at the moment - he's in for Gemma Cairney all weekend. I think he could be in line to replace Nick Grimshaw on the 22:00 - 00:00 slot Mon - Thur. Keep an eye on Matt Edmundson as well - he's in for Grimmy on Monday night.

    He sat in for Dev this morning too.

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