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  1. Hey, as I said originally in the post topic, I am looking to swap for Saturday as I cannot make Sunday, so if you are willing to swap please please can you get in touch!! My email is [email protected] Thanks very much Katie
  2. hey kayley i am desperate to swap tickets, I have to move to Devon on sunday and its my last day with my sis and if we cant swap we cant go.. if you still want to swap please get in touch, my mobile is 07876140160 or [email protected]

    Thank you look forward to hearing from u!! x

  3. haha, im sure everyone would love them, my sis was going with me so ill still let her have them and take a friend... otherwise i would give them to you!
  4. Hey guys... I know that I am uber lucky getting tickets, but I just got my long awaited physio job and such is the NHS i start 9am the monday after down in Devon... so I wont be able to go on the Sunday, but am still desperate to go, I realise its a long shot, but are you allowed to ask people if they wanted to swap? Thanks, Katie
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