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  1. Hello everyone!

    I've been listening to Matt and Mollie this week and it seems like Mollie is doing most of the links to Newsbeat and kind of carrying Matt this week. I mean the chances of Mollie having a solo show are slim. But if she did and you were the controller of Radio 1, where would you put her.

    Also, they seem to be doing well on breakfast this week.

  2. Might be a bit early but where do you think big weekend will be held this year.I doubt it will be called Biggest Weekend as glasto is on this year.I wonder who will be playing.

    The place where it is held is reveled Jan/Feb time I think.Normally the tickets go on sale in march.It is also Jan slam next month and I am pretty sure the last date someone wins big weekend tickets

    Start predicting in the comments


  3. On 12/8/2018 at 10:09 AM, LSR1 said:

    More of the schedule is out, Dev presenting his weekend show solo on the 28th. Seems like Alice is having another christmas off!

    I think it should switch.Dev is doing a hell of a lot of extra time for radio 1.


  4. I've been thinking why is it only Greg and Scott (I also think life hacks have one) that have a podcast.I know Matt and Grimmy used to have one but they are no longer updated,I would love the comeback of the Matt Edmondson show podcast and I think now would be good to start now because he has a co host now and is moving to weekend breakfast it would be perfect don't you think.I also love the Chris Stark extra podcast and I hope it carries on.

    Also a question which DJ would you like to have a podcast?

  5. I just cannot imagine him on radio X or BBC Radio 2 his humor is just a bit to rude for that station i think,if he did move to radio X or 2 he would have to bring Chris or have a different co-host i can't see him doing it by himself.But i mean he won't be at radio 1 forever and i do think he is slowly making his way to radio 2. 

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