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  1. theonethatdoesntspeak

    Chris Stark

    Whaaa...? I had no idea he had a kid. Out of interest, how did you lot clock on to it? Like was there stuff said on the show that you picked up on?
  2. theonethatdoesntspeak

    Let's play Who Tennis online!

    Scott and Chris football commentary WHHHHOooooOOOOoooo (unfortunately)
  3. theonethatdoesntspeak

    Request: Euro 2016 Final commentary link

    Hi guys I'm new here Does anyone have a download of Scott & Chris's Euro 2016 Finals commentary? I can't find it anywhere. I know it was Portugal V Someone. times. As we don't seem to be getting a new commentary for the World Cup, I'd love to hear this one again. Many thanks.