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Laura Sayers

We reveal more about the girl from the diary...

Laura Laura is best known for her stunts on the Scott Mills show. She was born on the 11th of October 1978, Laura's Bussharing her birthday with Chappers. Her full name is 'Laura Margaret Sayers' and she comes from York and went to The Mount School. She moved to Glasgow to study at the University of Glasgow and there hosted her own radio show on 'Subcity Radio'.

Laura begun work at Radio 1 after applying for a BBC Talent production traineeship along with Joceyln from the Chris Moyles Show. Towards the end of her traineeship she started on Scott's show, and hasn't looked back. Originally a 'Broadcast Assistant', these jobs were scrapped in May 2006, and she became an Assistant Producer for the show.

She has ocassionally produced the Scott Mills show - mainly over the Christmas 2005 period, and has also been a producer for JK and Joel's shows.

She was originally known for her wacky stunts. In 2005 she tried to get an ASBO, and also became Radio 1's 'do-gooder' when she tried to help members of the public with her companion, the megaphone. The majority of her stunts are her 'social experiments' in which she causes mischeif and tries to see how far she can go without being kicked out of public places or warned off. This includes wandering around the streets of London dressed as a nun, a bloke and Paris Hilton. But more recently it's not just her stunts that have made Laura popular on the show.

In October 2005, whilst the team sat in for Chris Moyles, Laura's sister Mary found Laura's old diaries in her bedroom back in York and began reading them out on air in the imaginatively titled feature 'Laura's Diary'. In Season 1 we found out about her crushes on Andy and Jamie when she was around 13 years old. Originally the diary was read out in an American accent by Mary, but this soon faded by the middle of the series. In January 2006 Season 2 was read out, branded 'The College Years', using a name associated with 'Saved by the Bell'. This season comprised of many codes, and we found out about her crush on her piano teacher in 1996. Laura's Diary became a favourite of Scott's listeners, and soon moved to the afternoon show. Season 3 saw Laura meet 'Ben' from her brother Henry's band Monster Sunshine. They got together, but subsequently she moved to Glasgow for university. And in Season 4, Laura talks of her troubles at university, and the woes of having a long distance relationship. The season ends with Ben dumping Laura by letter. The final season, Season 5, was aired in October 2006 when Scott sat in for Chris Moyles.

Laura's Diary showed how unlucky in love Laura really was. At the end of Season 4, Scott made a national plea on air for potential partners to come forward for his friend and work mate of three years. Potential partners filled in a form online and a tour known as 'One Night with Laura' took place across the country, running at the end of March 2006. On the judging panel was Scott, Laura, her dad Stephen and Chappers. Chappers was eventually replaced by Laura's sister Mary and Jo Whiley towards the end of the week. The auditionees were whittled down to just four partners from each of the auditions. These were Ben, James, Gareth and Shep. James was voted out by the public first. Each of the final three were paraded on Radio 1 over a week of breakfast shows, participating in tasks and taking part in interviews. The final on the 7th April 2006 saw Gareth from Chard win the public vote. He and Laura spent a weekend in Paris together. However, it soon emerged that Gareth wasn't the one for Laura, and he became more of a 'best mate' than a boyfriend. She ended up seeing the 'loser' of the competition, James Busson from Chichester.

Later that year James moved in with Laura in London. It was also revealed that during the competition Laura had slept with James before the results had been revealed.

Other highlights of Laura's work on Radio 1 includes presenting the chart show with Scott and Chappers in March 2006, meeting Paris Hilton and Danny from McFly in June 2006. She also pulled off sounding like a professional singer whilst singing Paris Hilton's song in July 2006 when she claimed 'they can make any one sound good these days'. She also spent a day on a boat following David Walliams' Sport Relief challenge, as he swam the Channel. This got her some fame - a telephone call talking to Richard and Judy on their show, and a (very) brief appearance in the documentary made about the challenge.

Continuing her obsession with Paris Hilton she also auditioned to become Paris Hilton's Best Friend and also gained world-wide publicity on CNN after trying to become P Diddy's PA in late 2007.

Laura left The Scott Mills Show at the end of March 2008 to become a producer working with Fearne and Reggie on the chart and request show. The show marked her departure with a series of "best bits" being played over The Human League at the end of the Wonder Years.

In October 2008, James proposed to Laura during a romantic weekend in Amsterdam, ending a long-running joke about marriage and when she would get engaged.

Laura left her role as the Producer of Fearne and Reggie's Chart and Request show in June 2009 to become the Assistant Producer of Grimmy's new evening show.

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