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The One That Doesn't Speak

We lift the lid on the one that doesn't speak!

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EmlynEmlyn lives in London and was born on the 8th of May. His full name is Emlyn Dodd and he tells me he shares the same birthday as 'Harry Trueman, the 33rd President of the USA, Alex Van Halen, Enrique Iglesius, and, er, Gary Glitter'.

Emlyn is the producer for the Scott Mills show, but has previously worked for Top of the Pops, Radio 1's Chart Show, and the Breakfast Show with Zoe Ball and Sara Cox. He was even named 'Omlyn' by Sara Cox during the Breakfast Show years.

Branded the one that doesn't speak, he really doesn't. He has spoken once in the Honesty Game under a low pitch voice changer, and many a-times has wanted to speak when Scott makes a slip-up.

Despite being called 'Emily' in the programme at the 2006 Sony Radio Awards, there were more grins than embarrassed faces at the end of the night. When the Scott Mills show won gold, Scott claimed Emlyn was 'the best producer in the world', and you know what? He's probably right. The ideas he helps devise in the pub the night before has meant that the listener figures for Scott's show continue to grow each year.

Emlyn answered some questions for Unofficial Mills. Click here to read his responses!