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Rebecca 'Beccy' Huxtable

Beccy spoke to Jono at Unofficial Mills in May 2009 about her time on the show so far and clears up some questions that the leader of the geeks has...

Hello Beccy! How does it compare working on The Scott Mills Show to working with other Radio 1 DJs such as Sara Cox? I love it – it was always a dream to work with Scott (bleurgh, he always laughs when I say that) and I’m really, really enjoying it. I still have to pinch myself! But I have to say Sara Cox was equally amazing – if not better – otherwise she’ll get upset!

You always seem to be in the office at Radio 1 quite early. What’s an average day for Beccy? I get in about 10.30am – The One That Doesn’t Speak ALWAYS gets there first – and I go through e-mails, make the podcast and then go through a big list that TOTDS sends round to everyone. This can be anything from booking guests to coming up with ideas to editing random bits from funny television shows. Take today for example, I spent most of the morning changing people’s desktop pictures to one of me in a stupid curly wig. Greg [James] was particularly impressed. I get quite distracted by Matt Fincham [from the Chris Moyles show] who sits next to me. I think we annoy a lot of people with our singing. Our favourite duet is still Timberland – The Way I Are, although we’re learning new ones all the time!

What would you do if you were invisible for the day? Ummm… I have no idea! I’ve never thought of that! I think I would sneak a peak at Scott’s passport to see how old he really is.

You get a lot of ribbing on the show for looking like Little Britain comedian Matt Lucas. Do you think you look like him, and if so, have you thought about joining one of those rubbish look-alike companies to make a bit of cash? Haha! Can you imagine if I did? I hadn’t thought of that actually – it’s a good money making idea. I don’t think I do normally but I definitely do in that Katy Perry picture. All I can say is that it was very early and hadn't done my hair properly... But yeah, I will call some agencies and see if they'll take me.

Speaking of making a bit of cash - what was the last bargain you purchased? I bought a half price photo album at the weekend... that's so not very showbiz is it? I'm really trying to save at the moment to pay off my credit card (still from travelling – oops!) so no extra random purchases for me for a while.

Chappers hates sandwich shops and Scott hates the word 'panties'. Do you have an irrational fear of anything? Yes! I'm very very frightened of being sick!

What's your favourite tipple and what's your favourite meal? Argh! I can't narrow it down to one thing for each! You should know by now that I love ALL food and drink. It's probably a lot quicker to say what I don't like... liquorice and all things flavoured with it and liver and cottage cheese. I SO don't trust it - why is it all blobby and horrible? It might be good for you - Scott eats tubs of it - but it just really freaks me out. Oh and biscuit base... you know like on the bottom of cheesecakes, who invented that? It's horrible stuff.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get a job on the radio? I suggest you do loads and loads of work experience and make loads of contacts. It was ultimately experience and contacts that got me the job here, even though I did a journalism degree.

You've mentioned before if you could join any band you would join Kings of Leon. Is their style your sort of music or do you have a wider taste than that? If I'm honest, I think I said Kings of Leon just because I fancy them and wanted to get closer to Caleb. I love a lot of different music – Scott and I have quite similar taste I think.

There has been a lot of big names come on to the show since you have joined - Paris Hilton, Mr T, Lily Allen and DJ Talent to name a few. Have you ever been star struck? I think I would be if Rupert Penry-Jones came in but I haven't been so far I don't think. Kylie was amazing and you do really have to do a double take to actually believe you're there. Scott always says I was star struck by Jonathan Wilkes when I fainted at a Robbie Williams gig but I still claim it was because it was really hot in there.

What has been your favourite moment of your radio career so far? Working with Scott – I’m so going to buy something amazing with the monies he’s just given me for that!

Since being on the end of various prank calls since you joined Scott's show last year have you become suspicious about answering the phone? Yes I think so seeing as I don’t really answer withheld numbers any more!

In one word describe each of your show colleagues? I’d say Scott is tanned, thin and funny. The One That Doesn’t Speak can be defined by ‘a horse for one bin’ and Chappers is my favourite and very funny. The One That Doesn’t Speak said to put “misunderstood” – haha! Oops – now I’ve done a stupid street there - oh well.

Scott and Chappers once tried to replace you with a parrot when you went on your holidays. What would you replace them with? In my dreams Rupert Penry-Jones and Alex James from Blur (as long as he brings cheese), although to be honest, and in reality, our boss Rob would probably just get Greg to cover.

How surreal was it to have been involved in Becky Cam and have become an internet hit for Radio 1 listeners? It was really weird and it took quite a long time to get used to! I kept trying to see what I looked like on camera which made me look a bit odd as the monitor was to the side. I soon found out that a lot of people could lip read too which was scary! It’s amazing for people to be able to get an insight into the office but I’m really pleased it only happens every now and then as other wise I’d become really paranoid.

Speaking of 'Becky Cam', the geeks were frustrated about the spelling mistake in that feature. Does it bother you when people spell your name 'Becky' and not 'Beccy'? This is a long story mainly caused by me. I'm quite a shy and private person in real life (you'd never believe it would you?) and I really wanted to try and keep my personal life private. For some reason I thought I could do this by being called “Becky” rather than "Beccy”. This so didn't work did it? I'm not quite sure why I asked for it or what I thought it would actually achieve, but anyway they listened to me and did it. Apparently now it's too expensive to change the banner back although I do prefer Beccy... I'm strange aren't I?!

We heard a clip of you on the show where you rang into a show on BBC Radio 5 back before it became Five Live. Were you a bit of a radio geek as a kid or was it just the fame factor that made you call in? Yes I was a massive geek but also the competitions on there had such easy questions that I managed to win loads of stuff – I think I was a bargain hunter before I even realised it! I was such a geek that I even got invited to their first birthday party at the top of the BT Tower in London - the top span round and everything!

Finally Beccy, what do you really think of the geeks on Unofficial Mills? Are we "friendly stalkers" as The Guardian once put it, are we "social recluses" as Comedy Dave would say or are just avid fans of the show? I’d say they are massive fans of the show. It's always good to know what you guys think about stuff - I know TOTDS and Scott are always looking at the forums... maybe put some really weird stuff in there about them to freak them out? Haha.

Thanks Beccy!