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Daily Mail: N Dubz left abusive phone message


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The BBC was last night facing a fresh obscene phone scandal after a Radio 1 listener was subjected to a torrent of abuse.

The female listener, known only as Chloe, texted the station to say she did not like a song by urban music act N-Dubz, who were guests on the Chris Moyles Show.

A member of the band retaliated by copying her number and ringing her back, before leaving an abusive voicemail containing several swear words.

Dappy, who made the call, last night apologised for his actions and claimed he called her because he was 'angry'.

The incident comes just over a year after the Sachsgate scandal in which comedian Russell Brand was forced to resign and Jonathan Ross was suspended for leaving obscene messages on actor Andrew Sachs's phone during Brand's Radio 2 show.

N-Dubz, who have had six singles in the top 40, were in Moyles' studio for his early morning breakfast show on Tuesday when he asked listeners to email or text in their views on their latest single 'Playing with fire'.

Chris Moyles may not have known that Dappy had taken the contact details of listener Chloe during his show.

The band read the messages as they appeared on the presenter's screen but Dappy took exception to Chloe's negative comments and called her after the show.

BBC bosses are now investigating why he was allowed near the computer screen listing listeners' personal details, and able to break data protection laws by copying it down.

According to the BBC, neither Moyles nor any of his team were aware that Dappy had taken down the phone number.

Her negative review was not read aloud by Moyles or any of his team during the show.

Dappy last night issued a statement, saying: 'I totally apologise to Chloe.

'I called her in the heat of the moment when I was angry, but that is no excuse for my behaviour. I’m genuinely sorry. I’d also like to send my sincerest apologies to Radio 1.'

It is not the first time that the BBC radio show has attracted controversy.

Last year Chris Moyles was criticised for making a joke about Auschwitz.

And also in 2008 the presenter, who is paid £650,000-a-year, was forced again to apologise for appearing to suggest on his show that Poles make good prostitutes.

He claimed he did not mean to insult Polish women and apologised for 'unintentional offence' after dozens of complaints were made to the BBC.

After the breakfast show finished at 10am on Tuesday, N-Dubz went go-karting with Chris Moyles, his team and a competition winner.

The hip-hop band from Camden, North London have had six singles in the top 40 and played at Radio One's Big Weekend in Swindon, Wiltshire, in May last year.

A BBC spokesman last night said : 'We were unaware that the number had been taken from the production team's console and will take steps to ensure it can't happen again.'


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Oh dear.

A Slappy for Dappy methinks.

A Happy Slappy for Dappy more like.

Out of interest... Is it going to be known as Dappsgate?

And @popbitcher - Dappy was sat round by the text screen, I think Chris said that during the interview.

They normally turn them off to prevent that sort of incident, do they not?

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depends on what she said about them, agreed Dappy shouldn't have phoned her though, then again texting in abuse/rant hoping to have it read out is just childish she sounds like the perfect match for Dappy :)

that Duncan off of Dragons Den also phoned up some bloke who had texted in to Moyles's show, he said something like "i'm going to one of your gyms soon, can have a cup of tea" Duncan asked either Moyles or one of the team what the numbers were alongside the messages & he was told they were the phone number of the person who sent the message, Duncan phoned the guy & asked him what gym it was & that there would be (whatever he had asked for) waiting.

i couldn't careless if they left messages on her voicemail, it's just none news & another excuse for the Daily Fail to moan about the BBC.

as for this "ban them from R1 because i don't like them or their music" :rolleyes: sounds like the Daily Fail is the paper for you.


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Ban them and their music from the BBC. Job done.

This isn't another case of Daily Mail overreaction Alan. It's not just about criticising the BBC. The Mail article actually says clearly that Moyles was probably completely unaware of the situation. The problem is Dappy. If you can't trust him to behave himself, then he doesn't deserve any exposure from the radio station.

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as for this "ban them from R1 because i don't like them or their music" :rolleyes: sounds like the Daily Fail is the paper for you.

As far as I can see there's little spin in this report - for once. The only unsuitable reaction comes from you.

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