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What rocks in your life?


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I treated myself to a ticket to see KoRn in October at the place where I work (should have tried for a free ticket but too late now) as a late birthday present. They're my favourite band and this'll be the fifth time of seeing them - the first with their current line-up - so I'm excited and as such have treated myself to a KoRn day with the new album AND the live gig in the middle of a crop circle that they recorded (http://www.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=music.videos&videoId=105785660). So it's been quite a good, easy day.


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I have a job, and signed off today :D, I'm going to Blackpool next weekend for an extremely messy few nights out with the lads from work, i got some good news the other day which will go a long way to helping me get over my anxiety issues, and on top of that it was my birthday on Tuesday and i got an awesome new tv. Happy Days!

>> I'm on here every now and again... <<


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