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Red dwarf is back tonight, AND, I took a small victory over a cold call from a personal injury solicitor type company.

Now normally I wouldn't condone giving someone abuse when going about their job, as I have have been on the receiving end of it when just trying to do my job so I know its not nice. HOWEVER, when it comes to injury solicitors or PPI claimback companies my opinion goes completely out the window. Long story short I told someone this evening that if they didn't want me to "tear through" them they should hang up the phone immediately, and when told they would remove my records from their database I was in the middle of telling him that I suggested he did he hung up. I'm taking that as a win for me!

Not impressed with censorship

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Won wristbands to meet Tyler James off of The Voice! Met him on Saturday! He was very nice but it was a bit awkward for a while when I had to ask someone to go get a pen from another room.. Lols

Oh, and he was performing (miming :P) at Silverburn with Des & Jennie from Capital Scotland's breakfast show!

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