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What rocks in your life?

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Buying my Holloways ticket.

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Wednesdays rock. They are my tv days... First last week's apprentice, now watching a Swiss programme. Afterwards, washing my hair, writing a French letter and then today's apprentice. Ok well, writing and washing my hair actually sucks...

"I like Franziska. Sounds mad as a box of frogs, but we like her." (Dev)

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Aaaaanyone free on Wednesdays from 10am - 12pm? The log-in system for the radio station has gone so you can listen to my show now. If you want, that is!

Whaaaaaaat? Wait till I have a job and am not being a bum! Tch!

What rocks: Two motherfudging days off from abusive customers and half an hour walk through snow to work and back. I am going to spend my time buying socks, new gloves and having lovely baths that I can't have when I have to get up at half 6. I've never been so glad it's Friday in my life!

i won £84 on the lottery :D


There/ They're/ Their. Different words.

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I've never done 'big' birthdays, always small things with a couple of close friends as I've been certain nobody would turn up. This year I bit the bullet, and tomorrow I'm doing a big old 'get together somewhere and drink lots of drinky things' birthday and 48 people have said they'll come. Even if only half that number turn up I'll be well chuffed :)

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I've finally finished and submitted in my 2 essays and a portfolio of 18 mini-essays. After 3 allnighters in a row and little food, since I've run out and haven't had time to go shopping, I fought hard and finished all my work at 6.10 on the morning of deadline day. Now I get to catch up on some much needed sleep! :D

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