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So I thought I would just briefly share my experience of the Sunday at the big weekend, so anyone else who went will most likely disagree :-p. Just a quick few points:

Best Crowd response: Justice/Pendulum... everyone in the tent got going!

Biggest crowd for the Tent size: Pendulum easily. The crowd was outside the tent, about 10-20 rows deep

Suprise artist of the day: Nelly

Disappointment: Hot Chip

I caught about 20 minutes of Zane Lowes DJ set aswell. He really got the crowd going and I wish I stuck around to see a bit more of it!

I cant think of anymore categories, so if anyone wants to add any categories/disagree, then make your posts below!!

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Highlight for me was definatly Pendulum. They played all their greatest tunes and the crowd was mental. When slam came on the tent was electric.

I thought the Kooks rounded off things nicely, although the guys behind me trying to build a human pyramid whilst raving drunk were a bit annoying!

The weather was one of the best bits of the weekend though - Amazing!

Mac: "Join me again next week on Let’s Make No Fucking Sense when I will be waxing an owl." - GREEN WING

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I'm listening to Huw Stephens at the moment. The two live Hot Chip songs he played stuff definitely didn't sound as good as when I saw them live last month (that show was fantastic). The sound on a big outdoor stage certainly wouldn't be as good as at a small concert venue like Métropolis, but it's not just that; Alexis isn't singing as well on this. But I'm sure it was just as good for dancing.

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