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Scott Mills is leaving

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15 hours ago, Darren m said:

Like I said in an earlier post Scott should take part lol as he’s never done it before only pressed the buttons 

Something's sticking in the back of my mind that he did do innuendo bingo himself once? (possibly with his Strictly partner). I do agree, I hope they get a few more bingo's in... with a big name guest or Scott V Chris as a finale.

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My current practice is to listen to Scott M on R1 2pm-3pm, then Steve W on R2 3pm-4pm, so I'll just give that a slight tweak when the time comes, for whoever is gonna be on R1 at 2pm ...

Fingers crossed the same quota of entertaining (albeit, different) features will be used, throughout ...

The one thing I certainly won't miss about Mr Wright is his continual breaking of one of Radio's most sacred principles - that you don't pass off pre-recorded stuff as live. Heck, even the studio 'applause' which greets the pre-recorded guest was itself pre-recorded, years ago! 

The trained ear can of course spot when this happens, but, for casual listeners, he is gulling them into thinking that he is a much smoother, wittier operator than he actually is (all the glitches having been ironed out already).  All he ever had to say was something like 'I spoke to [celebrity] earlier, and here's what they said' - Not (straight out of record): 'It's [celebrity], everyone!' - There is just something fundamentally dishonest about that ...



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My final predictions or punts on it will be:

Matt & Mollie in the afternoon’s (til mid-2025) 

James Cusack *WildCard* for the chart

as think the chart high profile slot but with very pre-formatted links and text tweets and rigid format. Kind of great show for newer presenter.

Maia Beth becomes the new  Future Pop (Presenter when it launches)

Katie Thistleton on weekend afternoons. Maybe do more Lifehack blend of conversation in her show

Life Hacks with Sam & Danni

See Rakeem Omah, Kerri Cosh, Vicky Hawksworth, Matty Chabi, Connor Coates continue to cover. And take shows in next shuffle.


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With Zoe Ball, Scott Mills, Fearne Cotton etc are on Radio 2 of the 90s-00s era of radio 1 (Vernon Kay and Edith Bowman) wonder if Pete Tong would ever move over to Radio 2 to play house, Ibiza stuff when 

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7 hours ago, TheSaviourisHere said:

Chippy out of interest why did you stop listening. Around the same time Moyles left?

It's a good question.

Sometimes you can just have too much of a good thing and need a change. Plus it's around the time I went to uni...

I might have stopped around the time Beccy left so I think it might have felt like a good time to move on. End of an era sort-of feelings.

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On 7/12/2022 at 6:12 PM, Chippy said:

I stopped listening to Scott back around 2012 after being an avid podcast listener for years and years.

This could be a good opportunity to rediscover him again and make the transition to become a grown-up who listens to Radio 2...

Im similar, although I never fully stopped listening. Just not as avid as I was around 2006. If I was in the car for a long trip or near a radio he would be on. It was really the post 2010 Radio 1 playlist that pushed me away more than anything else. And I was 22 years old around that point too. Scott's content has always been great, although Chappers and Laura in my era helped make it what it was. 

on the grid.

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