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Radio 1 DJs and mental health

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I notice a lot of Radio 1 DJs in recent years talking about mental health.

Greg, Scott, and Grimmy have all spoken previously about anxiety, a number of other DJs have also tweeted and have spoken about their struggles. Greg posted how he needed a break this week, while Matt Edmondson also gave quite an open interview with the Mirror recently about an illness. 

It surprises me given how confident they all are behind the microphone despite what they've had to deal with - certainly very inspiring for those who have their own struggles. 

I do wonder if there's a podcast series in hearing how these personalities deal with it while presenting at one of the biggest radio stations, should they all be up for it. 

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I think it would be good if that radio one did more life hacks mental health conversations in the weekday schedule and in the week throughout to talk about issues affect young people and listeners. Why I find Jordan North would be good at doing more of an evening entertainment show on the radio 1 at night to have something that more centred around companionship for the listener. Think it is good to have mix of real talk and entertainment as radio is best when it feels you involved in the conversation or in the room as a friend of the presenter. It would be good to do some sort of light talk shows with mix of music talking about issues that both presenters and listeners can relate to as think that would be Important public broadcasting can be podcasted so centred around listeners well-being. Would like that as a young person whose Neurodivergent and anxiety so would be good 

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