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What's your favourite bit of radio... ever?

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I'm trying to think of what my favourite bit of radio ever has been (not just from Radio 1). 

Aside from the various bits and bobs I got asked to do with Unofficial Mills (bit biased), I think Laura's Diary is definitely up there, along with Scott Mills The Musical. More recently the Lolathon brought together the Radio 1 family, which from a geeky perspective is always fun!

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It hard choice but the Scot Mils  feauter  writing letter to 10 year old version of them self has got to be up there, it always get me tears every time i hear it and i hope it stays. 


There about links that stand out for me from this year, Greg opening link on the 16th of March, the letter about that person at big weekend hull, Jordan telling his parents he going Vegan and Alice closing link last weekend all stand out  to be some of the highlight that radio 1 has done this year. 

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Hard to pick one. Lard's Classic Cuts (Mark and Lard) has to be up there for me, just something you couldn't do on radio these days.

Chris Moyles' 'Stanta' has to be another. Then a lot of his parody songs were brilliant.

Scott has quite a few. The angry pizza guy was great, Laura's Diary was addictive listening too. 

on the grid.

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