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New Imaging Montage

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So with Radio 1 starting to roll out their new imaging I thought it would be a great time to make a montage of the new imaging. I am going to cover power intros, sweepers, lots of stuff from Breakfast and Cel Spellman's Best New Pop/Most Played shows. I'm not going to release everything at once but I will create a checklist below on things I will promise to do.

The Checklist:

  • Include General Beds/Breakfast Beds in the same package (DONE 2/12)
  • Include General Beds and Breakfast Beds in a separate package (DONE 5/12)
  • Include all TOTH Breakfast Idents, there are 6 in total I think (DONE 3/12)
  • Include Breakfast Sweepers going into songs (DONE 15/12)
  • Include package with the new grainy '1's' (DONE 15/12, ADDITIONAL IN PROGRESS)
  • Include new imaging from Cel's new shows, 'R1's Best New Pop/Most Played in the same package (DONE 15/12)
  • Include new imaging from Cel's new shows, 'R1's Best New/Pop/Most Played in a separate package (TO DO)
  • Include imaging from the New Music Friday section in Adele's show (TO DO)
  • Include power intros from various songs (WIP)

There new imaging hasn't fully rolled out yet in some areas so watch this space for update. Meanwhile I will include the first package done as a free gift below.

Listen Here:

I hope you enjoy my new project and if you have questions or want to raise some issues then feel free to comment. Enjoy!

  • UPDATE 1 (3/12): General Sweepers/Breakfast Sweepers have been uploaded into a separate package.
  • UPDATE 2 (5/12): The Breakfast idents are now available to listen to. I decided it was easier to just combine the original demo on Soundcloud and the two idents that wasn't included to save time, also included is an example of a trailer heard during the various shows.
  • UPDATE 3 (15/12): I'm nearly there with things, I'm going to record another two parts of the power intros, part 2 will be the rest of the other power intros while part 3 will be dedicated to Christmas power intros. I'm also going to record additional stuff for the beds and grainy 1's and then update the files above with the additional stuff included!
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On 11/12/2016 at 7:51 PM, TMD_24 said:

Apologies for the slow updates recently, I have been finishing the current new set off with just a few stuff left! The power intro stuff will be split in two parts because I'm lazy but hopefully I will do a combined very soon!

Update us when you do pleaaase!

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