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Dominic Byrne Joins Capital FM

James R

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95.8 Capital FM has hired former BBC Radio 1 journalist Dominic Byrne to work on breakfast with Dave Berry & Lisa Snowdon.

dominic-157x100.jpgDominic left Radio 1 when the Chris Moyles show ended last year, to be replaced by Nick Grimshaw.

He said: “I can’t wait to start my new job! I’ve set the alarm already. The Capital Breakfast show is legendary and Dave and Lisa are fantastic broadcasters. I’m really excited to be working alongside them.â€

95.8 Capital FM’s newly recruited Programme Director Robert D’Ovidio said: “Dominic Byrne is one of the most recognisable voices in radio and brings with him awealth of broadcast experience. He will be joining London’s most dynamic breakfast duo and we’re sure that our listeners will love the new addition to the Capital Breakfast team.â€

Dominic starts on Monday.


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Did anyone hear him this morning? I listened for a bit, heard him do the news, but that was it. My first time listening to Capital Breakfast, and I think the last. Got annoyed by adverts, the music was just the current top 40 (made me realise that actually Radio 1's Playlist is pretty decent and varied!), and it felt like Dave and Lisa were just reading from a script.

I was hoping to hear more of Dom, so don't know if he was introduced more into the show for the rest of it, but got bored listening before I might have got that far. Anyone listen to the whole thing?

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Nope !! I believe Lisa may be a former model. They let anybody into radio these days, and that is half the problem.

Lisa Snowdon started presenting on MTV more than a decade ago, and Dave Berry has plenty of radio and TV experience. I hardly think they're "just anybody".

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MTV.... !! Oh..... er... WOW !! My point is the days of career radio DJs, and people getting a chance through student radio are on the decline.

I'm not sure that's true. Capital has lots of ex student radio presenters including last year's Silver Best Male on East Midlands, and with regards to Radio 1 former Best Male Pete Allison is in for Dev week after next.

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Dom's now left Capital FM:

YLlu0W48_normal.jpeg Dominic Byrne @domisatwit · Jun 21 Just about to read my last ever bulletin on <s>@</s>958capbreakfast. Big thanks to <s>@</s>daveberry_tweet <s>@</s>Lisa_Snowdon <s>@</s>little_richie and <s>@</s>paulphelps
YLlu0W48_normal.jpeg Dominic Byrne @domisatwit · Jun 21

Getting up at 4.30am every morning finally got the better of me!! So.. Off to do lots of exciting stuff now - and have a bloody long lie-in!

Find it strange that after eight years of getting up early for The Chris Moyles Show, he's decided he can't do it anymore after just over a year at Capital! Whilst it's a shame he's not reading the news anymore, I have to admit I'm slightly happy- it always felt like he'd joined the dark side after he went to Capital. As ridiculous and unreasonable as it sounds, I did feel a bit betrayed! Hope he's got other good stuff coming up.

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