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Your Views: April 4th to April 8th 2011 !!

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This week sees Moyles back in his regular slot, choc-a-bloc with criticisms about Mills presenting the Big Weekend announcement. Apparently, Scott took 38 seconds to announce the location, and Moyles ain't impressed.

Olly Murs (well, recordings of him) was Moyles new assistant today, and managed to be as bland as a block of butter.

Newsbeat (with Charlie Sheen stuff) is uber funny today - be sure NOT to miss the News. :hahaha: - love it!! Class today!! :hahaha:

Mills is back at 4 pm for 2 weeks, before going off on another holiday. Look out for interaction with listeners who just happen to come from CARLISLE. I noticed this starting yesterday, and there's bound to be more of it!! :rolleyes:

Mills is also debating whether to get his legs out, or not, so we may be hearing more of this later, although hopefully not for too long!! :rolleyes: It's heavy, skanky rain in Scotland, I've been called a DRAMA QUEEN today, and I don't wish to listen to a lot of sun-related stuff. thank you.

Air your views right here!! :-) woo

Delta Machine, Depeche Mode - buy NOW !!


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This thread rarely has anything to do with the show anymore anyways, so this is no different. I do agree that tune is something Scott might like, but not Record Of The Week material (on account of being too good and possibly not really mainstream enough)

Professional eater of puppy dogs, baby heads and killer of grannies...

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