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Jo Whiley leaves / Huw Stephens takes over


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Jo has been heading to Radio 2 for a while now doing a lot of cover and 1 off specials - it has always been the next move for her at some point, after she was taken off R1 weekdays. Its sad news though as she does bring that class to the station and you are always guaranteed a good show ulike others who have ups and downs - a true Radio 1 legend I think.

Im happy she has chosen to go now in this way, rather than fading out. Maybe it will show the R1 bosses what gap it will leave.

Would have loved Coxy to have taken back her Weekend Afternoon slot, but I am sure Huw will do a good job - his cover shows are always great, but personally I saw him taking Grimmys show once he was moved into a daytime slot (most likely next year when/if Moyles goes!) Something tells me that Huw taking this slot is just a temporary fill for the summer (perfect for festival coverage) ahead of a shuffle around in September.

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Don't forget ... she is still doing a great job on Radio 2. :-)

I was fascinated by a recent programme with her, where she had a house away out in the countryside.. totally loved the peace and the quiet.

Never would I have said I would have seen her in this particular area, but it showed a completely different side to her personality.

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I really miss Jo at the weekends, was such a great show. As opposed to Huw- it's just so... unessential listening! His show is so light on features he had to resort to recycling Jo Whiley's from the weekday show- Seven Song Shuffle rebranded as Lyrical Hodge Podge anyone?

Now The Request Show has kinda nosedived in terms of quality for some reason, the only thing worth listening to at weekends is the criminally underused Coxy.

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I'd abolish the request show and give Reggie a proper show (thought he was quite good at covering Greg + Vernon recently) or Matt on at 4 on Saturday, tho Matt might be limited now he works on T4 hence Gemma is the choice to cover for Edith

Weekend afternoons especially Sat afternoons I doubt the listening figures are very high as people are out or listening to 5live for the sport.

Maybe cut Grimmy to Mon-Wed and give Matt Thursday 10-12?

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