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  1. Just out of curiosity, I was wondering. What acts at big weekend are you looking forward to seeing? For me, I’m really looking forward to seeing Billie Eilesh and Jade Bird- both incredible talents.
  2. I imagine Scott will be there. Also why do they keep doubling up Jordan and Maya for events like Redding and Leeds, Teen awards and now big weekend! So it looks like Arilelle’s live from London then at 10 live from Middlesbrough?
  3. Suprised by the fact non's mentioned the big man himself Zane Lowe. His show when i listened was always great. Mind you his format on beats 1 is a lot more new music heavy. I picked up Radio 1 about 2005-2006 time. Then found it again years later in 2017- Around the time of their 50th birthday celebration. Dev and Alice are great together. Its not fake, it seems they generally get on and they have the same sense of humour which boosts the show greatly
  4. Past or present, Whooooo’s your favourite Radio 1 presenter? Is there anyone you would love to hear back on the airwaves? For me one of my favourite radio presenters of all time, Quite controversy is Chris Moyles. I’ve always loved the laid back format of his show. In a fictional world, I’d love to see Chris do a nighttime show on Radio 1. My favourite radio 1 presenters at the minute are of course the big man himself Scott. Jordon North- So underappticted by the BBC just stuck on a Sunday show. Arielle Free( technically not an official presenter...) Whenever she’s on, it’s great. I really love her Enthusiasm, she’s full of high energy always. She needs to be singed soon otherwise I’m sure she’ll get poached by Global or Bauer for our show! Greg James- He’s got a lot better after his holdiay. His breakfast show is one of the few good ones left in my opinion
  5. Greg seems to have come back a lot more refreshed, He seems to be back with more ideas and lots more nonsense! Honestly, I couldn’t bear to listen to Matt and mollie,no where near the same humour as Greg
  6. Really? Mind you it’s hardly noticble as the playlist normally features top artists and tracks now. Once a song starts fading out i suppose you know- it’s gone!
  7. I had a geeky thought- How often does the playlist get updated? I know it used to be every Friday. But I’m not sure now?
  8. Most likely a show playing old clips with Chris speaking in between.
  9. Bloody hell, there's a lot there cheers @OohErr. If your'e looking for Mark&Lard shows they've got a lot on chrismoyles.net(weridly)
  10. For me, theres been loads of great radio- im either too young or i didn't even knew existed or possibly forgetten about The Chris Moyles Show - Obviously one of my all time fav radio shows. The relaxed format was just so different to anything i was used to. Same with Scott's Drivetime show.- I miss Chappers and Beccy and Laura. Chris is good as well. Ive been getting quite into a local radio show called "Hirsty's Daily Dose" Though i can only find clips or the odd podcast here or there. From what i have heard it sounded brilliant. Does anyone have any podcasts/shows they can send me? I'd really like to listen some more. I also miss both Dev and Matt's weekend shows(before greatest hits). They were brill. Honeslty both were worth waking up for. Not like him and Mollie who seem to be average. But i really do like Dev and Alice. The format is amazing they get on so well. They seem like a perfect match. What shows do you guys miss?
  11. It mube a pre-record. Hes on Radio 1 at 1PM. Altough hes a legend unfortinally he cant be in two places at once. Though thinking about that would be quite funny.😂
  12. Rylan tweeted he’s here this Saturday on 2 than him and Scott are off to Eurovision. Glad Dev and Alice are covering couldn’t bare Matt and mollie any more
  13. That would be werid, for years he’s been on 1 playing everything from girl bands and boy bands to rappers and a few pop stars in between. Then he’d be playing ABBA or someone from the 80s comeback single
  14. I suppose it’s a tease of what Scott’s Show like really! Bloody hell thats nostalgic!! Ah when Grimmy did nighttime, who would’ve thought they’d let him do breakfast ever!
  15. Moyles was very controversial to say the least so perhaps that’s why they try to lid him( alltough he came back for the Radio 1 Vintage. 🤷‍♂️) Intrestingly him and Scott are the same age. I do wonder how long Scott’s got left 😬!!
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