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  1. Radio 1 used to be on Sirius if I remember right? So what’s the Sirius Xm Like then. Is it like what you US people call ‘Cable TV’ but Radio basically?
  2. Thinking about it I might’ve seen some ads on Instagram for the live lounge. Interesting, Would make sense why I see so many billboards for global stations and shows. It would be interesting to see Radio 1 do that. Like a billboard for Greg’s Show or Clara’s Show maybe as I’ve seen a big billboard for Chris Moyles on Radio x a few weeks ago by my work.
  3. I was thinking earlier whilst out and about how little R1 is adversitied compared to heart and Capital. They have signs like “Open and listening to heart” or big billboards advertising their breakfast shows. Ages ago I did see a few bbc sounds ones but that’s the closest I’ve seen to Radio 1. Comapared to other stations no wonder R1 lays back in marketing which is fair enough but I reckon if they adverstised more they could pull in more listeners. What do you guys think?
  4. Bloody hell! Must be an Android one then as I had to download radio apps like BBC Sounds on my iPhone!! Yeah with the whole DAB thing as well. I have to agree perfectly with you. Mine has a FM option but I don’t use it. As Radio 1 sounds so much better on DAB!!!!
  5. And Rickie Melvin and Charlie!
  6. I don’t think so. Wonder if R2 are doing anything? That could be why maybe?
  7. Katie is in for Adele tommrow
  8. It’s annoying waking up to Matt and Mollie on Fridays- I like them but they’re not morning material Its sort of werid about 4pm when the chart comes on as it doesn’t feel weekedny as it’s been on Friday for years now. I would like it if Jordon took the Friday greatest hits maybe Arielle on Saturday maybe Maya(unfortunately) on Sunday? Just an idea I had at least
  9. Yeah funny that all phones used to have a ‘FM Radio’ app now they don’t. Shame really, as that was great but now with AppStore’s you can get Spotify and other music apps now so I guess a radio app is not nesscsary as a default app now Also I have a clock radio but mines DAB and FM but I don’t use FM as I can’t be bothered going through and finding my local frequency. And DABs more useful
  10. Yeah it should be. That could be Arielles big break!
  11. Would it survive though? It’s 2019 it’s the internet age. It would have to be in between Radio 2 and 6music! So like a 2xtra maybe playing modern pop for adults? That’s where their gap could be..
  12. Am I suprised at how much hip hop Rickie And Melvin play Charlie plays dance and house. Radio 1’s playslist is very similar to 1xtras I imange Also a random thought why does 1xtra need a rap show? It’s mainly rap and grime anyway- They could easily have sessions with Dotty or Mistajam couldn’t they?
  13. Yasssss! I have to admit i wonuldnt have heard of any of those 3 if it weren’t for R1
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