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  1. They probably won’t do teen awards next year. Seems the BBC don’t care about them anymore
  2. I was hoping he’d turn up today. Since they’re both on 5live. It’s so nostalgic.
  3. Finding it a bit weird. Love them both but feels like they’re trying a bit too hard so far., Hope it picks up soon.
  4. Reckon Charlie out of RMC might. Dev might. Arielle probably does as well.Too many fitness fanatics these days for smoking
  5. Does Matt have kids then or something?
  6. I can see Matt and Mollie doing it(unfortunately) I can see their being Xmas Anthems... Maybe Katie on mid mornings. Arielle in the afternoon. Jordan on drive. Probaly Jack in for Annie. Abbie in for Jack.
  7. Help! does anyone have any Christian O'Connell Breakfast show podcasts at all. I had a link to loads but Bauer now redirect me to Dave Berry(copycat) Would really like some from May 2017+
  8. Random thought I had: what one presenter (I’ll count sidekicks or anyone who was on air too) For me it would be Chris Smith with the news. I got into Greg’s drive time Show in the last 18 months of it really......… But I remember how magic Chris Smith was on air with Greg! They were like brothers on air. I’ll always treasure that show. For me Greg with out Chris. It feels empty without him 😢
  9. I meant this to be a schedule in a few years time....you known the changes will happen slowly over the years.
  10. 4-6.30 Arielle Free 6.30-10-? 10-1 Katie Thistleton 1-4- New signing and Chris Stark 4-7 RMC 7-9 Jack Saunders 9-11 1Xtra Simulcast 11-1-? weekend inc Friday 4-6-new signing 6-10- Jordan North 10-1 Maya Jama and New Signing 1-4 A.Dot 4-7-? 7-9-BBC Introducing...(1 Host across the BBC.. Not sure who) 9-11- Adele Roberts and (Maybe a 1Xtra Host?) 11-00 Specialist Music Show. Friday 9-11 Danny Howard 11-1 New Signing
  11. https://ia800505.us.archive.org/17/items/ChrisMoylesShowTuesday20thApr2010Edited/20100420.mp3 (Chris stuck in New York show) Yeah but that never works Matt and mollie doing Greg’s features feels wrong. Feels quite unplanned and rushed- like they’ve been called in ten minutes before the show starts.
  12. Heard Ken Bruce earlier claiming he was younger because there at radio 1 😂 radio legend. Yeah weren’t they there a few months ago?
  13. Oh yeah when Pete did breakfast and crashed the cheesy song vocal 🤣. Classic. But doubt anything like that will happen this bank holiday.
  14. Im a Radio X Listner. Sorry Greg:( But X is way funnier in the morning. I cant see Toby doing Radio X Breakfast. When Chris goes the team will go with him im sure. And Toby is a bit average when it is just him. Im sure 1 could pinch some younger djs off global and bauer. DJ'S in their 20s and 30s ill list a few Lillah Parsons(heart) Lauren Layfeild(capital) Issy Panyais(Radio x) Sarah Jane Crawford(Hits Radio) was at 1xtra. Vick Hope(capital breakfast) Will Manning(Big top 40) Tom and Daisy(kiss) some of these maybe be older.. but what i think is more important. Is how young and appeling they sound to R1'S tagert audience
  15. Forget about him. This sounds like a metaphorical arrow pointing towards their specialist shows. This sounds AWFUL. There’s a reason these shows are on at the time they are. Must have a had a drop on these shows. RMC back on daytime seems a bit odd as well.
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