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  1. That was his 4th Day? That’s mad. Breakfast cover 4 days in to a job?
  2. Pretty sure you’re right. Think Chris Moyles did it once or twice as well.
  3. What an old thread😂 I could try and clip some if anyone’s interested?
  4. I hope Matt and Mollie don’t cover again. Can’t stand them together. Would like to see Dev and Alice have a shot.
  5. Can see RMC splitting up. Maybe in 2021 though.. Feel like Charlie has been doing extra bits whereas the boys have just done that. Would love to see Dev and Alice on drive- they’ve been there collectively over 10 years! About time they got a big daytime show. See Scott and Chris leaving- they’ll probably go separate ways soon after doing 5live show for another year or so.. Can see Adele and Grimmy go. Adele will probably go into podcasting. Nick will probably go to somewhere like Heart or Kiss. Could see Matt leaving as well leaving Mollie to host show on her own. If not Jordan should host. Better banter between Jordan and Mollie imo- always helps in radio duos. Can’t stand fake ones *cough cough Matt and Mollie cough*
  6. Have you tried searching around on Twitter? Normally helps me when listening to old podcasts.
  7. Didnt know there was a webcam! How 2009 Radio 1....
  8. anothernerd


    Not being rude pal ,but take your spam somewhere else
  9. Seems a bit odd for the BBC. The 5live 24hr news service I get, Global have launched LBC News recently and both global and Bauer have non-stop music services now. But for me I just don’t get why the BBC would launch a new 24hr nonstop station on Sounds- In my opinion it’s not likely to happen.
  10. They probably won’t do teen awards next year. Seems the BBC don’t care about them anymore
  11. I was hoping he’d turn up today. Since they’re both on 5live. It’s so nostalgic.
  12. Finding it a bit weird. Love them both but feels like they’re trying a bit too hard so far., Hope it picks up soon.
  13. Reckon Charlie out of RMC might. Dev might. Arielle probably does as well.Too many fitness fanatics these days for smoking
  14. Does Matt have kids then or something?
  15. I can see Matt and Mollie doing it(unfortunately) I can see their being Xmas Anthems... Maybe Katie on mid mornings. Arielle in the afternoon. Jordan on drive. Probaly Jack in for Annie. Abbie in for Jack.
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