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  1. So they don’t know what’s happening. Adele said she doesn’t like the surprise.
  2. I feel like it'll be a series of challenges to complete like Dave's Taskmaster- Maybe listeners can phone/text/tweet in with some help?
  3. They'd save that for Sport Relief next year i'm sure.
  4. Probably need some dj’s back at R1 to lead whatever’s going on
  5. I’d love it to be a marathon show expect I’m bloody away 😂😂 Might make me come back to radio 1....
  6. Two Fridays off? Seems a bit odd? At that time of the morning especially
  7. Just saying I could see Chris leaving to join his new mate Peter Crouch for a new show/podcast on 5live Also- interesting choice Charlie from Rickie Melvin and Charlie. She’ll be good as dance is her thing the other two like hip-hop more. I am suprised it’s not Arielle Free in but yeah should be good
  8. Nah doubt it. He’ll have another job somewhere. He’ll probaly be working in commercial radio soon.
  9. Are they seriously renaming everything to ‘anthems’?
  10. What a find! Anyone remember how shy Greg used to be in his early radio 1 days? 😂😂
  11. Could be the BBC trying to compete with Kisstory and most recently Heart Dance?
  12. I suppose there’s quite a few LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 djs on radio 1 now like Grimmy and Adele Roberts as well, all on daytime! So that could be more comforting to Scott?
  13. Scott and Chris are probaly the best thing on radio 1, they’re always funny. They are one of the best radio shows in the whole UK. Even if they leave radio 1- id follow them to wherever they go. ive been enjoying it a lot this year with the return of innuendo bingo! And ‘superfan Steve’ that’s wicked- shows how few celebs listen to R1? I seem to remember people like Olly Murs and Graham Norton used to listen back in the day! I think Scott’s 2nd LOLathon just shows how funny him and Chris are- at least there a duo that get on and doesn’t feel constructed *cough cough Matt and mollie*. Despite Scott being in his 40s he sounds more young and fresh then ever!
  14. He’s leaving Hits Radio but I’m sure he’ll stay in radio
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