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    TheSaviourisHere reacted to Lee E in Unofficial Mills meet up????   
    How about this 
    who would like to arrange a meet for members of the site in London near NBH? like a coffee/lunch scenario and see if Scott and some of the team could come to meet us and chat for an hour or so? I thought a Friday at like 11am to meet and invite Scott Chris maybe his producer? so we could meet our hero and just say hi or is it like weird? and people say you should never meet your idol? 
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    TheSaviourisHere got a reaction from Greg20 in Matt & Mollie   
    Just starting this thread just to see what people's thoughts are on this duo?
    My first thoughts were WHAT? Matt deserves so much better than a co host he needs a weekday slot. 
    Now I quite like the show Mollie seems to really enjoy what she's doing and doesn't seem to mind when Matt has a pop at her for doing something wrong. She's learning on the job like we all do. This has potential to be the best duo Radio 1 has seen since Colin & Edith. When I compare the show with Dev & Alice it's way better just been listen to those two this past week there is no spark or chemistry between them just feels like two good single talents have been shoved together for no reason? 
    Thank you 
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    TheSaviourisHere reacted to Jono in Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James - First Thoughts   
    I feel this is perhaps the boost Radio 1 needs. Have penned my thoughts here.
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    TheSaviourisHere got a reaction from Aleks_ in Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James - First Thoughts   
    Avicci Levels first song selected by a listener how touching. A bit of the old show already. So nervous for Greg it's silly.
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    TheSaviourisHere reacted to Lee E in The Official Chart   
    I also think he's doing so well, it's another new lease of life for him and he's giving it the personality and having guests on like it needs and taking it back as it should be 
    In the schedule shake up i'd have like to have seen Scott get 4-7 all the time again 
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    TheSaviourisHere reacted to OohErr in Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James - First Thoughts   
    New show, new thread. 
    It feels like Christmas eve! I'll be up at half-six tomorrow to listen, who's with me?
    Wonder who the guest is? (Also that's a great book I would highly recommend). 
    I wonder whether they'll do what Moyles used to do and have the news at 6:26 so they can start with the pips at half past?
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    TheSaviourisHere reacted to Tea20 in Greg James Breakfast Show Bingo   
    - mentions how he's not used to getting up so early / strange being on the radio at a different time
    - plays why hello there Jill clip
    - live music
    - George Ezra is a guest
    - says afternoon instead of morning
    - goes off playlist quite a bit
    - some sort of mention about faders/studios/mics or something to keep the geeks happy
    - some old Greg James show references that only his long time listeners/podcastards will get
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    TheSaviourisHere reacted to OohErr in Greg James Breakfast Show Bingo   
    Ahead of the first show on Monday, I wanted to put together a Greg James breakfast show bingo card. This is what I've got so far, is there anything to add?
    There's a Celebrity Listener
    Sings to a newsreader
    Sings anything
    Ten Minute Takeover
    Does a funny voice
    Plays the "raaaay" or "get on the beers son" sound effect
    Plays Mumford and Sons
    Plays Coldplay
    Mentions David Attenborough
    Does a Chris Moyles style "goooood morrrrnin' everybodyyyyy" 
    Mentions Chris Moyles
    Mentions gammon
    Mentions his dad, Alan
    Mentions Bishop's Stortford 
    Is late for the news
    Does the pips
    Appoints a Star Listener
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    TheSaviourisHere reacted to Marcus17 in Radio 1 Playlist   
    I get what you mean. I listen to The Official Chart show every Friday religiously and over the last year especially it has become dominated by music you'd hear on 1Xtra. I'm 19 and I'm not a big fan of rap as a genre on the whole so it's nothing to do with age, people just have different tastes in music. The chart is definitely not fixed, but now they include streaming and video plays in the charts I think it's safe to say that rap's not going anywhere for the time being. As long as young people are listening to it, it'll be in the R1 playlist.
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