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  1. Report on Radio today that all Pop stations will have one controller, rumored to be Ben Cooper https://radiotoday.co.uk/2019/04/bbc-to-create-single-role-to-control-radio-1-and-radio-2/ This could open the door for more change to schedules and presenter roles, and could ease Scott's transition to R2
  2. It seems to me that these last couple weeks Mollie has been doing the buttons etc and Matt has been the Chris Stark side of the desk, I imagine they take it in turns usually so they alternate every other weekend driving the desk, suspect Dev and Alice do the same too, but with Mollie still pretty green to it she's getting her hours in learning the buttons and maybe doing Pilots on off days to practice Wonder if she'll be on weekend breakfast alone or cover another show
  3. Serious question; I've noticed that your'e covering Radio 2 shows a bit now, is the start of the transition? and why aren't you covering Greg's leave these weeks Would you consider being interviewed on my Community radio drivetime show by phone to support the cause and endorse such projects and share any tips for aspiring presenters What is your five year plan What has been your most memorable radio moment
  4. And to add to that, notice over Xmas Matt and Mollie had a breakfast jingle package made for weekdays, meaning this must have been in pipeline Ironic as CM used to rip Matts voice and now Matt is breakfast cover
  5. I kind of agree with that My theory would be they need somewhere for all these presenters to make way for the newer generation, it could be just a DAB and online station maybe? I can see someone like Scott moving to Greatest hits soon, maybe he'll do Chart Friday then GH Sat and Sun with Maya Fridays only and Jordan taking 1-4 weekdays? To me it looks like they've dropped him as breakfast cover now and Matt is doing it
  6. As noted in other threads, Scott does not appear to be covering Breakfast for the two weeks Greg is off but Matt & Mollie are I wonder what has lead to this, is it Scotts other commitments and these two weeks were a write off for several days so they just said screw it let's put Matt and Mollie on every day Or is it because Scott is being groomed for Radio 2 now therefore they need to get a new breakfast cover some experience, and get Jordan covering for Scott
  7. It needs a Radio 1.5, as many describe it Maybe call it Radio 1 plus Fronted by someone like Scott, Greg Dev and all Get people like Fearne Cotton on it and Trevor Nelson Dave Pearce Could be as per R1 from 7pm-630am Breakfast Scott weekdays 10-1 Fearne Cotton 1-4 Dev 4-7 Dave Pearce Weekends Breakfast Alice 10-1 Huw Stevens 1-4 Trevor Nelson Sat and someone else Sun 4-7 someone new?
  8. He could do his R1 show have an hour to get to R2 and prep and do hers too if they wanted, only Fridays would be an issue but I am sure Jordan would cover chart
  9. They haven't announced who cover for Sara Cox is yet have they
  10. I listened to the whole show and thought he was absolutely briliant, at home, on target and sounded amzingly different but the same if that makes sense I felt it was more "him" as in he was being himself more and we heard more of his personality coming out as opposed to quick fire segs on R1 and links I reckon he spoke for more time yesterday on R2 than he has done on R1 for a long time He showed a "mature" approach and adapted well but still some of the Scott we know and love coming out If i was to vote it was a yassss from me, bring him on again and I would even go as far to say, if he moved to R2 I would quit R1 and not even bother with Greg anymore Loved the bants with Sally Traffic and loved the music, seemed more up his street than R1 ever does and even he commented that it wasnt constant Drake i think in a link I tweeted him with some love after as well and had a reply which made my day
  11. I wonder if Scott is doing some R2 work easter week? hence not covering R1 breakfast I wonder if he will now cover R2 alot more
  12. See Matt and Mollie are covering breakfast - wonder if Scott is covering R2 that week instead? maybe covering for Sara?
  13. so Scott must start Dance Anthems about 1755 then? I wonder if he'll do a Radio 2 show on May Bank Holiday like he did last year
  14. Good Friday no 1245 and 1745 newsbeat Chart is advertised to finish at 1800 does that mean they play a few more chart songs and Scott announces the No 1 at about 1756 and not 1741 Also means another 15 minutes of Maya Grimmy is off for two weeks from Monday as well Jordan sits in
  15. @Jono every time I click a page number at bottom, screen is blank so cant see thread on previous pages unless I go straight to them
  16. Yeah and the whole team definately were when Sara covered in 2010 when CM and his girlfriend split The Monday CM got stuck in the US with the ash cloud, when he did the show from the US on the Tuesday, and Dom was stuck in France Scott covered Monday with Becky and TOTDS, Tina was doing news and during the show Dave called in and I am sure he said it was contractual he couldn't be there CM called in as well during the show - the next day the show was done from the US, with CM down the line in a studio and Aled doing the desk in London I assume on the Monday when Scott was doing the show Aled was off arranging the show for the next day hence TOTDS covering
  17. He'll probably have Easter off, Scott is not getting as much breakfast cover as he used to have, by default he has a bit recently with the Escape Room and Lolothon, but unlike Grimmy Greg is not one for dropping out after a heavy night with Miss Ora or Geldof - very reminiscent of Zoe and Saras partying days, I think he has shown for every drive show thus far apart from holidays Greg is very much like Moyles in that way where he wouldn't miss a show unless there was a Holiday or a crises (remember when him and his GF spit Sara stood in for a few days) Question on that front - did Scott ever cover for Moyles working with Aled, Dave and Dom ?
  18. I think they could be the next answer on Breakfast after Greg maybe, in 3-4 years time, or being lined up to take over for Scott if he leaves? I could see Grimmy leavign and Scott doing drive again to allow these 3 onto daytime maybe
  19. Love the geek chat as well and I think by the sounds of them on the podcast Will the producer did too I am not sure what studio Greg used to do his drive-time show from I know Grimmy always used to use 82A on breakfast although sometimes 82E or F I think Matt and Mollie are 82D I know that's usually Clara, Adele and Grimmy too
  20. Its better than last time, seems theyve scrapped normal programming completely It's a shame they aren't doing a live cam or red button - that was a real sucess story of the CM 52hr show Imagine if they announce at 1pm tomorrow - Scott and Chris are still on and they are going for the 52hr record
  21. It turns out from the answer Scott does the chart in 82F and they get kicked out of 82A when there is a live lounge on, Clara and Grimmy use 82D normally and they see each other So Fridays must be Adele 82D Matt and Mollie 82F Maya 82A Dev/Alice 82D Scott 82F and Annie 82A MistaJam may use the same one he does 1Xtra drivetime in on a Saturday maybe and as 7pm Saturday is a 1Xtra take over maybe Target uses the one he uses on a weekday, and the R1 ones dont get used Out of interest, does anyone know how many Studios were at Yalding House
  22. I've been wondering this for a while - Scotts Twitter prompted me to ask So Friday this week he was talking to Mable on the chart and was in 82A Later Annie posted an insta story in 82A So Did Scott move studios in newsbeat at 545, or did he pre record Mable and do his 4pm show in another studio? because he seems to use 82A for the chart, which prompts my next question Why do the studios used seem to change at weekends Example here Weekdays Early breakfast 82D Breakfast 82A Clara 82D Scott 82A Grimmy 82D Annie 82A Dev 82D Jack 82A Weekends Breakfast 82D Greatest Hits 82A Dev and alice 82D Scott/Jam/Life Hacks 82A However today Mistajam posted a story of a tour of R1 and looked like he was in 82D and Dev and Alice were in 82A which would make todays allocations same as a weekday I remember having to do the breakfast show in 82D sometimes and Scott has certainly used 82D on occassion Hard to tell which are pre records and which aren't where they've had to use the opposite studio to normal
  23. I love this discussion My prediction is breakfast will change time to align with Capital and Heart I think Scott will be at R2 or relegated to weekends only on R1 I think the weekend Friday weekend business would have finished Weekdays (Monday-Friday) 4-6 New presenter/Jordan 6-10 The 3 from Kiss (forgot names) 10-1 Mollie or Katie 1-4 Roman Kemp or Alice 4-7 Matt (inc chart on Friday and Dance Anthems) 7-9 Jack Saunders 9-11 Dev Weekends 6-10 Scott Sat and Katie/Mollie Sunday 10-1 New presenter (Free?) 1-4 Greg 4-7 Annie Mac with Dance Anthems Sat and New Presenter Sun I imagine Scott will not be at the station at all by this time, either at R2 or commercial rival on a national show (drive i feel not breakfast) If he's at R2 he's taken over from Ken Bruce or Sara Cox and Moyles is on Steve Wright slot Grimshaw - either at a commercial rival or doing TV pr 6 music Annie - sounds of the 00s on R2 on a week night (friday?) and R1 Dance anthems on Sat Clara - 6 music or commercial rival Chris Stark - no idea, hope with Scott maybe with Dev on nights
  24. Lee E

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    I am bias here; listen to my show on community radio, i do drivetime weekdays 3pm start www.burgesshillradio.co.uk lol My alt to R1 is R2 now, enjoying Zoe on breakfast and Sara on drive
  25. It is comic relief again this year, and Greg does his bit for sport relief, so could be another lolathon or a marathon show, I hope Greg is involved as well
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