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  1. There definitely needs to be a bit of a shakeup. I would go for something along the lines of:

    04:00 - Jordan North

    06:30 - Greg James

    10:00 - Alice Levine

    13:00 - Matt Edmondson

    16:00 - Scott Mills & Chris Stark (doubt they would be moved back, but they are still by far the best show at the station and if Scott is to leave R1 over the next few years, but him back on drivetime for his final bit)

    19:00 - Annie Mac (or MistaJam. Enjoyed his cover)

    Grimmy and Clara's shows I just find a bit stale and dull. Give Greg a chance now at breakfast and Chris Smith moving to doing the news in the morning and being an essential part of Greg's show. I think, judging by the article the other day, Tina is planning on moving on quite soon - I will miss her though.

    Radio 1 in general at the minute I think needs a change. It will never be the years of Moyles, Whiley, Coxy, Zane Lowe etc. again, but it always sounded fresh and had a lot of personality then and did things differently - time to bring a bit of that back. And find some new "radio" people who really have a passion for radio, instead of CBBC presenters...

  2. Pippa has left Radio 1!

    Aled also tweeted a picture of him and her the other day about planning the future of radio. Looks like this is becoming more likely.

    XFM reported to be rebranded as Radio X. Looks to be happening in either September or November. If true, some info must be about to be released surely.

  3. I'm not sure if this has already been mentioned somewhere but Pippa Taylor is rumoured to be leaving R1 to join Chris Moyles when he starts his (rumoured) breakfast show on XFM, I can't see this being likely though as she has only just moved to Annie Mac's Friday night show.

    I do wonder though whether with being moved from drivetime might mean she wants the move with Moyles. Pippa is an odd name though to be rumoured if it wasn't true, which makes me wonder if there is some truth too it.

    I'd be happy to see Pippa with Chris. She was great with Gregg and was good as AP with Chris in the final months.

  4. The amount of changes they've done in recent months with producers is really strange. I understand moving one or two to make shows sound fresh, but moving whole teams? The whole daytime schedule has pretty much had complete producer changes.

    I wonder whether this is because something else is planned re schedules - put producers with the right people before moving the show elsewhere to the schedule. Happened with Moyles' exit and Fincham moving.

  5. What do we think of the reports that Moyles is returning to radio to host the breakfast show on a revamped XFM?

    Personally I'd love to here him back on the radio in some form, and I think XFM would be a good fit. Also rumours that Dom and Pippa will be joining him.

    Also mentioned is Vernon Kay doing 10-1 and Richard Bacon doing drivetime.

    If he does return, I can see it lowering Grimmy's figures further for those that still listen to breakfast on Radio 1 but preferred Moyles.

  6. That's what I thought.

    Maybe Annie is going to do the Breakfast show?!!

    Perhaps, although would be odd to change it now that Annie has just got the evening show. Saying that Clara had just got the Chart Show!

    I wonder whether they have given Grimmy a new producer ready for a breakfast swap with Gregg? New slot time, new producing team?

  7. It has been confirmed that Matt Fincham off of the breakfast show will leave at the end of the week to produce Annie Mac's evening show. This means that the production team on the breakfast show will be Victoria Easton as producer, Fiona as assistant produceer and a team assistant.

    Bit of an odd move that one, breakfast producer to evenings. Last time there was producer changes on breakfast with Matt leaving and going elsewhere we had a change in the breakfast show.

  8. Didn't mean to '?' Question him.

    But if they are putting such a high level producer on that show- then it must mean it is going to move to weekday radio at some point.

    And Alice is the perfect weekday morning presenter.

    My thoughts also. Wouldn't be surprised if Alice moves to mid mornings April next year.

  9. Meant to post this earlier on this week. Aled has mentioned on Twitter that he is returning to producing and he is going to produce Alice Levine's new Sunday afternoon show!

    I was already looking forward to hearing Alice's new show, and with Aled producing it should be a really good listen, although it will still be a shame not to hear Phil and Alice together anymore.

  10. RAJAR day next Thursday. What do we predict?


    Last Q, Q1 2014

    Radio 1: 10.53

    Breakfast: 5.85

    Last year, Q2 2013

    Radio 1: 11.02

    Breakfast: 5.89

    I think that Radio 1 will still be below the 11 million mark, maybe slightly up from last Q to 10.6. Breakfast I think will probably hold at 5.85.

    Thoughts and predictions?

  11. Really thought it was one of the best things Radio 1 have done for a while. Reminded me more of things they used to do a few years ago. In fact, had reminders of Scott Cam watching it a bit. Greg definitely has a great production team behind him, and they seem to have great chemistry together. Full marks to all of them.

    Yeah, it was a shame that Chris Smith couldn't go, but I'm guessing it is because of being part of Newsbeat.

    Just noticed on Radio 1's YouTube channel they've put on nights 1, 2 and 4 in full. They're 11 hours long! Nice to see them put the full live camera shows on instead of just the best bits. May give them a watch for bits that I missed.

  12. Has anyone else listened and watched any of the G in the Park stuff on Greg's show this week? If so, what are your thoughts?

    Thought it was a really good week of shows, particularly liked the late night stuff online with them all sat around the camp "fire" chatting. Also good to see and hear more from the production team too. Hope they do it again next year.

  13. With the new schedule changes announced, and Scott's contract running out next April time, what are your predictions/wants for Radio 1 in a years time?

    I think there will be major changes at daytime, and I think the recent announcement seems to line up some of them.


    04:00 - 06:30 Pete Allison

    06:30 - 10:00 The Greg James Show (back to a zoo style format with his current team of Pippa, Travis and Chris Smith brought over. Chris to do a swap with Tina so she does afternoon news).

    10:00 - 13:00 Alice Levine (Fearne's show sounds stale now).

    13:00 - 16:00 Scott Mills (I hope he renews his contract. Show sounding the best for a while. Can't see Radio 1 wanting him to go now).

    16:00 - 19:00 The Matt Edmondson Show (I think it will be between him or Dev, but Matt I think just has the edge. Hope for a team style show similar to Scott's old drivetime show circa 2006).

    19:00 - 21:00 Zane Lowe

    21:00 - 22:00 /

    22:00 - 01:00 Huw Stevens


    06:00 - 10:00 Dev

    10:00 - 13:00 Phil Taggart

    13:00 - 16:00 Fearne Cotton

    16:00 - 19:00 Dance Anthems with Danny Howard / The Chart Show with Nick Grimshaw

    What does everyone think? We'll see in a years time how right/wrong we were.

  14. I've been anticipating a Cox-Moyles style swap with Grimmy and Greg for a while, I think perhaps at the end of this year/beginning of next year. Saying that, Ben Cooper is very unpredictable, so who knows what will happen? Maybe we really will end up with Grimmy on breakfast til 2019...

    I'm waiting for this too. Announcing schedule changes for September in June is quite early. Wonder whether this additional change will be announced in July with it being a more major one.

    I'm guessing splitting Phil & Alice up is one way of reducing costs. Don't need to pay for two DJs for a show, only one. Big shame though as they are the two best signings Radio 1 has had in years, and there show was brilliant. Hope Phil will get something more soon.

  15. Mixed feelings to these changes.

    Very sad to see Edith go after all these years (pretty much just Scott left now from the era I think of Radio 1 was at its best), and also Jen Long too.

    Great to see Alice replace Huw on weekend afternoons, but then sad to see Phil & Alice being separated. I love their show on weekdays! And has Phil now just got an hour show on Thursday? Don't understand that one as I think he is really good and deserves more!

    Also strange the move of The Surgery to Wednesday and Dan & Phil to Monday.

    No more Review show either :(.

    Nice to see Dev getting an extra hour on weekends.

    I think the most positive of all these changes is seeing Alice getting her own show, but then that means there will be less of hearing her, but hopefully she will then replace Huw as the main cover person. Perhaps there lining up Alice slowly for weekdays to replace Fearne eventually and this is the first step.

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