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  1. But I bet if Greg was in that week, we'd have Huw covering for Scott instead of Matt.
  2. Not sure it does, as according to digiguide.tv Matt's still on 14th & 15th September. I don't think he was. I still think Huw is the main daytime cover. The only reason Matt covered Scott a few weeks back was because Huw was covering Zane. Dev did both weekends (as well as his weekday show) when Matt covered Scott in August.
  3. Sara hasn't left. She is still doing cover work for Fearne. I don't think Scott is too old. His show still sounds great and relevant for the target audience. It's different to Chris Moyles as he was in the top slot at the station, Scott isn't - so can stay longer.
  4. How? The weekends look pretty full up.
  5. While on with Scott this afternoon playing Real Or No Real, Sara said that she'd still be at radio 1 "unless she's put on a list to be kept out by security". Mentioned that she was doing something with Fearne in December, best of shows - I presume?
  6. I wasn't listening, but did he mean it in a "last Tuesday covering for Fearne's maternity" rather than "last EVER".
  7. Been listening to the chart today and Scott is so much better at it. I love Jameela, but the chart show just isn't her (I enjoyed her doing 7-9 better). Scott makes the show so much more fun, he added anecdotes to the show as well as doing the chart stuff. Jameela just reads off a script. I was enjoying the show. Until 10 minutes ago when the online visual option started. You can instantly tell that Scott is no longer in charge of the desk as he ended up talking too earlier then the music wasn't faded then turned up again on time. I wish Radio 1 would drop this "TV Show" style idea for the 6-7pm part. I enjoyed it much more when Reggie was behind the desk and the show would sound much more slick today with Scott standing there.
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    Taken from Matt Deegan's RAJAR Facts...
  9. I'd say that the only reason Matt is covering for Scott is because Huw is in for Zane. If Grimmy and Zane has taken different weeks, I'm sure Huw would have done both.
  10. If we go by that logic...then Huw must be the only one available every week? As he covers every time that Scott or Greg are off.
  11. Why would that work in their favour? I thought the whole idea of Greg/Nick presenting BBC Three shows is to build on the radio audience. BBC Three and BBC Radio 1 are targeting the same audience, so why not share talent?
  12. I agree as well. I, personally, would much rather see Alice covering/taking over mornings from Fearne than Gemma. How is Alice going to do 10pm on Radio 1 when she is fronting BBC Three covering till 11pm both nights? Also, how can Alice get a slot (with Phil) during the weekend, but Greg doesn't even get to co-host a daytime slot? Or does he not get a weekend slot as his Friday show is coming from there?
  13. I'd have thought this was the reason. Would be a bit silly to have two of their daytime shows put out just because of Eurovision. Plus was easier to ask Sara to step down than Scott, due to Sara having kids.
  14. Anyone know what time this finished? I record up till 10:10 (which is when the Red Button slot ended) but listening to the start of Sara's show on iPlayer, Grimmy is still there an hour or so in.
  15. This week they've been playing radio appeal clips (like telly ones), they never did this when Chris Moyles did have marathon 52 hours or for any previous R1 Red Nose Day stuff - have they?
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