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  1. I think Lovin The Trolls should be over. I think people are just sending fake hate to get on now.
  2. Omg! I am so excited for this. I hope people turn up for his signings, I'll definitely be at one of them.
  3. Does anyone know when you can find out how many listeners Scott and Greg are gettting?
  4. I clicked over thirteen, but I stated in my email I was a young listener. Hopefully something comes out of this.
  5. I sent my complaint in and got a response within a few days. I posted the response on the other thread. :]
  6. I also sent in a complaint. Here's the response I got: Thanks for contacting us regarding BBC Radio 1. I understand that you're unhappy that Greg James is swapping shows with Scott Mills. We're sorry if you are upset by the news of Scott and Greg's show's switching round. Scott has been presenting 4-7pm since 2004 and we know he is much loved by his listeners, however Radio 1 is required by the BBC Trust to continue attracting new, young audiences to the station and our new schedule is designed to introduce new and fresh talent to the station, ensuring we can achieve this. Greg, who joined us
  7. The ONLY part of Gregs show I like is the 10 minute takeover. I will not be listening to Gregs show. I don't care if it doesn't do any damage to his listening audience. I have never liked Gregs show. I refuse to listen.
  8. What's going to happen when Gregs show is on at 4 and doesn't get as many listeners as Scott's show used to get? Will they get swapped back, or will they just stay at the times they have been moved to?
  9. Scott's show is the only one I listen to regularly and I download the podcast. I will continue to listen to his show no matter what time he's on, and if he goes to another radio statio, I'll listen to his show there. Greg doesn't even have a podcast. Whatever. I majorly dislike Greg.
  10. Okay, but why are they moving Scott and not moving Moyles? Why not shake everything up?
  11. This makes me sad. Scott has basically been demoted. It might shake things up, but this is still a massive slap in the face to Scott.



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