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  1. I can't be bothered hanging around for another half-hour, so I'll just do this now : happy birthday, Annalie! Everyone post your birthday greetings for our fave fantabulous loon here. Hope you likey meh pressies (two days later.....)!
  2. I quite like Peaches Geldof. Think she'll be good on the show.
  3. Here is a thread for Kylio who is 19 today. Happy Birthday!! Hope you enjoy your day.
  4. a) You don't have a boyfriend, so shut up, or I'll stab your mum.

    B) Benno is NOT going to join UM. I refuse.

    3. Get off my wall, or I'll report you.

    d) LOM, that sad thing is, Leonard was SOO proud of that poem!

  5. Well, I'll just say this. Tylines is a couple no more..... But fear not!! As I have a new homosexual best pal. His name is Leonard....
  6. HEYLOWW THERE!! I think we should get Beno on UM. He can join our little crowd.. ;) Now that Tyler's gone we must have Leonard to keep us company. He's just the same as T, except, as you know, without the sparkly eyeshadow and pink dungarees. I shall fb chat Beno tonight and ask him. Inbetween discussing Fraser (i MUST tell you what happened at his 16th!!), Tom (my new boyf!! :D well, kinda..) and a certain someone beginning with K (NOT someone who may stumble across this message and think it's about him. Another someone. A girl.) . Also, I have news about Traitor 1!! (beginning with B and ending with H) We must speak. FB chat tonight at 9. (same time i'm printing out ur many pics of Scott Mills for your xmas pressie) Be there. Or be... erm... not there... ;) x

  7. Ahem. AaronWatch? And the famous documentary, In bed With Nick Grimshaw?!?
  8. Oooh.. I like awards!! 1. Funniest Forum Member Annalie 2. Best Newcomer Annalie 3. Most Annoying. MyNameIsTyler 4. Shoutbox King/Queen Erm... Viv? 5. Best Looking Male Kyle_Y 6. Best Looking Female Annalie (you owe me) 7. The geek you want to meet Annalie (July 2012!!) 8. Show Contributions. Jono? 9. Most Dedicated Geek (i.e. on here a lot) Hmm... Viv? Or Doovde. Or Tom. 10. Lifetime Achievement ?? 11. Best UM Tweeter Jono, Viv, The Stig 12. Bitchiest geek. ANNALIE. 13. Geekiest geek. R94N, Newsbeat 14. Best username. Oooh, I like the sound of SanityNotIncluded!! 15. Resident Weirdo Ahem. Annalie. 16. "Wurst Spaller" MyNameIsTyler 17. Best Avatar Kyle_Y and Viv 18. Best Lurker (someone who only posts occasionally) Err... myself? :-/ Ratscallion?? Hmm... First post in around two months, peeps! I'm back!!! * silence, as people try to remember who I am..... *
  9. I sent that three days ago, but okay. I really like it to be honest. A lot more modern and cleaner and friendlier on the eye.

  10. Wtf? That was random... i sent that visitor message AGEEES ago... urgh. what do you think of the new UM? I hate it. :-s I believe i have replied and so have you and we're no going to talk about it anymore. :)

  11. What terrible thing has happened?

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