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  1. You rant, but I'm the one who's not civil when the only time I haven't been was a sarcastic response in kind, but whatever.

    I would go back on topic IF I'm allowed my piece on it (apparently not), Grimmy, being part of Radio1, is relevant to this thread... and I am apparently having to REPEAT my point that I was ASKING rather than telling where you show lots of signs of prejudging him...

  2. My point about the recurring loop was more pointing out something, but no, please continue with your entirely flawed argument against Grimmy which STILL has no basis given that he hasn't yet done the thing you are telling us MUST AND CAN ONLY BE CRAP. Maybe next time YOU won't come in guns blazing just because of a fucking piss poor excuse of a bad mood and moaning about something that hasn't even happened. This is what I am trying to convey but people like you, as usual, continue to read otherwise into it, reading too much between lines.

    If you can't believe people change (whether it be for better or worse) and will keep prejudging rather than giving someone a chance, then quite frankly, I pity you.

    All I ever asked is Grimmy be given a chance, don't like him, fine, but shoot him down for what he HAS done, not what he has yet to do. Your rant is the kind of thing I expect of Viv, it's beneath you, but whatever...

  3. The thing is doovde, this is a dire problem and it isn't just going to go away. So we won't sit down and we won't shut up kthxbai.

    Yes, yours and Viv's moaning among others IS a dire problem, considering Radio1 don't even WANT Viv in their audience anymore... so don't tell me what to do just because I've pointed out some massive hypocrisies and prejudgement...

    Come back to me when you've actually LISTENED TO GRIMMY ON BREAKFAST (I.e something NOBODY has yet done), maybe then you'll actually be able to comment.


  4. Yeah but Viv you don't count because you're perpetually stuck in the late 70s...

    even while she talks about being/wanting things to be 'noo and innovative'. Yeah... anyways, moving swiftly on.

    BTW, I found this which proves that some people will quite literally buy (in both senses of the word, purchase or believe) the same crap over and over thinking it's somehow better.


    WARNING: not quite SFW and also featuring Hulk Hogan...

  5. aaaand the pointless prejudging before it's even given a chance continues. I expect this kind of crap from Viv, but the rest of you? Massively disappointed in every single one if you unwilling to give the guy even a listen :|

    (especially since quite a number of you, INCLUDING VYVYAN told me at one point I should give Coxy 'another chance' when I'd already tried to listen to her and just hated everything I heard... but I at least gave it a shot, f***ers)

  6. Can't see it being Dom.
    I will Dom. very experienced, smart, but also capable of being very funny. Loved by listeners and seems a really nice man. :)

    I refer you to this... http://www.unofficialmills.co.uk/communities/showthread.php?16716-Dom-announces-he-s-moving-on-from-Radio-1

    Dom has announced that tomorrow's Chris Moyles Show will be his last day working for Radio 1 as well as presenting the BBC Oddbox.


  7. It saddens me that one of the comments I'm seeing most is (actually about the iPod nanos) "Oooh pretty colours" because this of course makes them worth the extortionate prices for both device and the new raft of accessories you'll need due to the new connections making existing docks obselete etc.

  8. Never been overly fussed over anything Apple, I feel like for lower prices I can get something that does the same stuff at same quality, for the prices Apple charge, I want to be absolutely BLOWN AWAY, watching the keynote just to inform myself but I'm seeing nothing overly astoundingly new, not even in the iPod stuff...

  9. Even Fincham thinks he'll only last 6 months. But give him time. He may Blossom. May.

    No fucker seems willing to give him time... Yeah there's definitely NO WAY Grimmy can adapt his style or anything, evolve and change like many other DJs have (even Moyles changed quite a lot when he moved from Afternoons to Breakfast, and may change again with whatever time slot he might now go to), but this change does NOT happen overnight, or quickly... Coxy was given 3 years of plummeting ratings before being fired, Grimmy is being dismissed by audiences before he's even done a show.

    Sick of this kind of attitude where nobody will give the guy a chance, but then it's to be expected from some of you... :rolleyes:

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