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  1. Moylesey... nah I don't know.. or overly care.
  2. Just saw a certain Ms Sayers tweet "yaaaay!! Congratu-Flippin-lations. I knew Jesse had it in him. Good work xxxx" Interesting wording there? HOW did she 'know he had it in him'? :hahaha: I also rather enjoyed this from comedian Tiernan Douieb
  3. From what I understand, so do quite a number of residents there...
  4. I hope Fearne really focuses on the wonderful, joyous things about having children... like when they grow up and leave home.
  5. No, Fearne is really so innocent she's actually the Virgin Mary... Someone go have the talk with Viv that her parents apparently never did?
  6. Well, announced it before the page on her site with it on went down anyways... (see Rocks thread). I was hoping the good news would be Sara Cox being exiled back to her home planet at last.
  7. I think it's all a red herring and they're actually in Slough.
  8. Looks like officialfearnecotton or at least a certain page on it has been overloaded due to Fearne tweeting out about her and Jesse having 'some lovely news'... It won't load so can't tell if it's engagement or a sprog on the way, but unlikely to be anything else. EDIT: have deduced from replies such as "Massive Congratulations... You will make a Fantastic Mummy.xx" and "Congratulations! Enjoy Keith Lemon's baby present!" that it's an enga... no wait, a Sprog.
  9. Poor Nik, he doesn't realise the Cake, erotic or not, is a lie... Happy Birthday Harkinson
  10. Dammit, rumbled... :hahaha: and you would know how? Certainly heard Mannish used to describe you and your carpet before, I know that much.
  11. Frisky and Mannish... are these names or descriptions?
  12. It's worth noting there is a difference between the kind of Bankers I'm talking about, the type that gamble recklessly on markets with other people's money as opposed to those who just happen to work in branches of a bank. Sorry if this difference is too subtle for some to recognise, but I am NOT talking about the regular bank worker, and it's a HUGE and wrong leap of assumption to think I am. Also, if you're gonna take issue with the public 'not taking any responsibility' for dealing with the situation, the public DID take some responsibility. Via the government, we bailed out those gamblers
  13. Archery, Shooting, Wrestling and Shot Putt are the things I've been watching/plan to watch.
  14. Seems to apply to all sides, but at least Louise "Everyone who tries to debate valid points with me is a misogynist" Mensch is quitting, that has to be good for Corby... probably going off to focus on her own highly successful version of Twitter, the one with a mammoth FIVE active users...
  15. Brown in the latter days of Labour rule, yes, but not Blair. Probably had more chance of Labour doing something but they needed someone other than Brown in charge really. Agreed Cameron is doing squat all though.
  16. I still think it's more down to the idiotic bankers and their gambles that crippled the economy... and that was under Labour. At least Blair did SOME not-bad things in among his warmongering and Bush-Poodle-dom. Admittedly Camoron is just making it Worse though, protecting buddies who could help by paying their taxes worth billions while naming and shaming a minor celeb with a minor 'debt'...
  17. Err not really, there are STILL ticketing issues and empty seats, but many forget that because of a few shiny medals. I don't like how the BBC have turned their NEWS into like 99% Olympic coverage though, they already have a subsite and many TV Channels to cover Olympics. I've enjoyed a few events, but haven't overly felt swept up in it really, to be honest.
  18. and look who shows up to prove my point... Exactly, it's written as an easy read, but that doesn't mean it's also GOOD writing.
  19. I don't think it's the quality of the writing that's got the interest somehow... some people don't really need that, I mean look how many read The Sun, the writing in that is terrible too.
  20. Classy, and showing TOTAL SUPPORT for Scott there...
  21. Coming Of Age, when it was on. Bloody awful crude humour (not quality crude ala Bottom or The Young Ones, but actually shit crude, actually written by a 16 year old though, in fairness), but had a nice little girly mummy's girl type redhead with slight psychotic tendencies every so often... as shallow reasons for watching go, it was a good one. One of the first things I've ever seen set in a school where the actors were pretty much the right age to be going to College etc (might also be true of The Inbetweeners, not sure on that one... ironically the one I liked in COA played a minor characte
  22. Yeah, compared to Wordpress, it is rather limiting, but then it's also meant to do a different job really.
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