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  1. Seems legit journalism with some of the language used...* Would be VERY convenient if someone happened to be there when Scott talked about ALL those things, wouldn't it. Also this so-called 'journalist' (even worse than the tabloid type that work for the Murdoch media, judging from this piece) doesn't seem to realise that Moyles is winding down, but even RAJAR figures probably still say he's 2nd only to Radio2 Brekkie? *may not be true.
  2. *sigh* once again your facts are incorrect... or at least out of date, it's now two thirds...
  3. It reminds me of if Karl Pilkington had a bit of hair...
  4. When did I do that? and I'm not the only one saying it was out of order here.
  5. You soon changed your tune... :hahaha:
  6. You were shot on a bike? I can see why this is in the Rocks thread
  7. How many times, it's an ASYLUM... albeit for the Criminally Insane, but it's NOT A JAIL.
  8. Wow... and I'M meant to be the cynical, negative b*stard around here... supposedly.
  9. Not convinced that after years of National and even International radio, he'd want to go back to what is effectively a local station?
  10. Seems to work fine as your usual MO...
  11. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-19255742 So that's it, no more Brand New Cheesy Songs... ever. Probably not Grimmy's style anyway so I doubt it's that much of a big deal. Not sure I see the problem with Moyles getting Royalties for something he wrote though... even if he did have control over how often it was played in a way (although surely producers etc could overrule).
  12. I'm getting part of this post framed and mounted for future reference. I'll leave you all to guess which part However I agree on the nothing to say point, it's called appealing to the Lowest Common Denominator. It's made a lot of people cheap money, sadly. Just watched it... Meh.
  13. So that STILL won't tell us which is the dominant element of your DNA, if cows have the same length pregnancy...
  14. With Mr Mackey in the Grey bloke's role and Cartman as the woman... Mmkay then
  15. Yes, it was... and the Daily Mail nicked it, then tried to sue or something... I dunno where I'm goin with that...
  16. I prefer to think of her more as a Tiger... *waits for Viv to impart more of her vast knowledge of the animal kingdom*
  17. Ahh yes, 50 Sheds of Grey. A tool in every tweet...
  18. No more annoying than Coxy covering for Fearne, but meh, whatever.
  19. Make that Three people I know and actually care about having lost their jobs various ways in the last 3 weeks...
  20. So... the Fearne-hate and Sara overrated Cox love-in begins... I can't wait... :bored:
  21. Yeah, don't they call it a good time to bury a bad story or something? Still heard a GOOD story during the limpics with regard to politics, Louise Mensch is buggering orf.
  22. I do wish Kurt Angle had been able to return to the Olympics as planned, got a legit injury while training for the freestyle wrestling squad (they can only enter 1 at each weight class?) but is now back doing his Pro-thang... Got gold in 1996 in Atlanta, would have loved for him to be coming to London 2012 too.
  23. Boy with tape on his face played at Glee in Nottingham the night I saw Mick Foley in a different room, people coming out of it didn't look impressed tbh.
  24. There we go, if you didn't find it funny, it's on to a winner!
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