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  1. So again you're going for the insult... guess like the Scum, all these things are OK for you to do, eh? and FYI, I am just a run-of-the-mill bipolar depressive... nothing different and I have never claimed otherwise, despite what some think. If you don't want the word equated with what you've said, don't use it. Guess this is my point. This from the woman who shoved MDNA down everyone's throats for a month? Hilariously hypocritical (as usual). Does anyone care anymore who boffed Kesha?
  2. I'm sorry, you post this after you come out with crap about how I 'always' (rarely, in fact) 'resort to personal insults' (make statements which you take to be insults when they're not necessarily). Also I find it more widely and generally offensive that you automatically equate depression (and likely by extension, other mental illnesses) with the word 'nutter'. Says more about you than any depressive I think, or maybe it's your sun-hack mentality You're slightly right but I can also see where young Mr Nik is coming from, some people are really good at Hiding it all, finding ways just like pe
  3. Aspirations of working for them... judging by her headline writing, I suggest that she actually is an undercover Scum 'journo'.
  4. Why did this need mentioning in the other thread if you were gonna put this 'new' info (that's been guessed at for some weeks) here?
  5. Tom's right, this has been speculated for some time if Moyles doesn't take it, so hardly new info.
  6. 5Live tennis coverage tonight is annoying me, mainly for overrunning and knocking out something I WANT to hear when they could have had this on the Sports Xtra channel, but also because over half of the time they're not even talking about the Murray match that's happening LIVE that they're SUPPOSED to be commentating on...
  7. Like MPs and Lords who practically inherit positions they abuse most of the time, you mean?
  8. Do they not let you reserve one for collection on release day?
  9. Yeah, even Scott has said it takes him a few days before to get used to that when he covers Breakfast.
  10. Then you'll only be able to work for reliable journalism groups
  11. Will Smith? John Bishop? It's not a long list, admittedly.
  12. New The Thick Of It Trailer released, along with a title for it. :woo:
  13. or Sara Cox, especially since she's already had a go.
  14. Viv has obviously never heard of parting with a company on Good terms... not renewing a contract does NOT equal 'telling them to shove it'. I guess it figures, probably always left companies she worked for on bad terms.
  15. According to what source on Digital Spy? and he hasn't done that YET so you're hardly proved right...
  16. Yes you should certainly remain in a cover up.
  17. yes but mine was an omission rather than a full-on error. You'll never understand, even with pretty pictures.
  18. Viv fails again. Allow me to illustrate why (and why I was only partially right myself):
  19. Green around the Gills and wet around the ears.
  20. No, 999 reversed is still 999... it's only 666 if Inverted (turned upside down). :crazy:
  21. HA! Nobody Cares. Looking all bright and Sunny at Knock Hill which isn't too far from Ayr...
  22. Well you should know about having 'thought glitches'...
  23. Viv, need I remind you that you predicted this very site here would go when Scott went to early afternoons...
  24. I await you being proved as wrong as the religious nut who said the world was going to end last year, only to come out of hiding after to claim he 'got the maths wrong' and then claim another date which has since come and gone without incident.
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