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  1. i gotta get me one of those kids so i can have a year off!

    Unfortunately you don't get paid for it so getting a wage again will be nice!

    Not nice to have to leave the little one.:(

    Yeah, I'm dreading that part of it. Looking forward to getting that Friday feeling again though! :)

  2. I'm not a fan of the trailer for the same reasons many other people have mentioned. It's too long and it's really cringey, I really dislike all the Braveheart/fire in our bellies nonsense and personally find the whole thing embarrassing. Why do people feel the need to make a big deal of the fact that it's in Scotland?

  3. Your salaries are higher, your pensions are greater. So earn it, even if you have to work until midnight. i have been in higher education too, to HND level in ayr. From this, had i chosen to, i could have gone onto to a degree in business studies, by transferring to paisley uni., had i chosen to do so.

    So you are saying that you had the chance to get a degree which would have perhaps have widened your employment choices? However, you chose not too? Instead you moan about your 'lower paid job'. Obviously going to university is not always the best choice for everyone, nor is it guaranteed to get you a good job but you are slagging off people who have done so and saying that they don't deserve to be paid better than you. Perhaps you are the one who is afraid of a little hard work.

    Viv, if I'm honest your posts about the Public Sector reek of some sort of bitterness, maybe because you're not IN one of these what you label 'cushy' jobs perhaps?


    Its actually the fault of the teaching profession that i still cant count properly today. . . All through primary and secondary school i was screamed at about decimal points and triangles and hit with rulers. to this day i dont like to count... And whose fault is it........ Teachers !!!

    From what I can see from your posts on here, you are unable to listen - maybe this is why 'you still can't count properly'.

  4. Considering all that was said on jeremy vine's show the other day and the eventual pensions you will get, i do wish i had gone into teaching. my hours have been cut for the past two years now, and you think i and many other genuine workers should feel sympathy for you.

    Clearly teachers hours cannot be cut but jobs have been cut like every other area in the public sector, resources have been cut so much that many schools don't even have pencils for the children to write with and teachers are having to buy in school resources themselves. Staffing has also been cut so there are less and less Pupil Support Assistants - and before you say we shouldn't need assistants, they are for the children. With inclusion there are more and more pupils with learning disabilities in mainstream schools so extra staff are needed to support the pupils.

    There r days when i get up before and dont get back until seven. What do these teachers want. A medal for it. besides we r getting away from the amounts they are earning by comparison to the rest of us. they can earn every bit of that with long hours s far as i am concerned.

    What you fail to realise is that many teachers take work home with them and can be working until 10 o'clock at night and often work weekends. You talk about how much teachers earn - we have to study for 4 years at university to get a degree and work really hard. Things have changed dramatically since you were at school Viv and the work load on teachers is high. People outside the profession don't realise this and those who rant on about how easy the job is are just showing their ignorance. We do long hours and the fact that you don't know this only highlights your severe lack of knowledge.

    I've been looking more into this "teaching" dilemma this morning, and it seems (according to one article), teachers have misunderstood the entire thing - it seems even though they have to PAY more they will STILL come out with more.

    Wish I could find the bloody article now. Found it on my phone first thing. DAMN.

    Seems it's a big teaching "fuss" over nothing. Typical teachers. So superior, they haven't even looked properly at the situation. Still agree with Alan.... it's the kids who suffer for these silly strikes, with one already dead.

    So you believe everything you read do you? I think it's obviously you who hasn't looked at the situation properly.

    they have had it cushy for so long i am glad.

    Pffft. You are so unaware that it's actually hilarious.

    I'm interested in what you do for a living? Would it be acceptable for me to brand everyone in your line of work as ignorant fools? ;)

    I think not, it's just nonsense that you say every teacher is the same as the one you knew.

  5. I actively despise teachers. So you're getting a much higher pension than the rest of us when you retire, and 6 weeks off in the Summer - Jeremy Vine was saying on R2 the other day teachers come out with a pension pot equivalent to £500,000.00 and they're f* complaining. Piss off and get a proper job, you superior gits.

    I was a nanny/au pair once to a teacher, and she was a superior git. Only worked until 4pm, her child was an out-of-control monster, and she even picked her kid up drunk off of the school bus. *

    * that's teachers for ya peeps.

    You've really not got a clue. What a lot of nonsense, it's actually laughable! If teaching is so easy, the pension is so good etc then why are you not a teacher? Honestly, ignorance doesn't come much greater than this.

  6. i'm a broken person, i've now got to book a doctors apointment before i go out of my mind and do something stupid. trying to keep away from facebook but it's stuck in my mind now. not the start to 2011 i wanted.

    So sorry to hear this. Glad you are going to see a doctor, I hope it helps you. Definitely get off facebook, I have friends who have had to do this for a while to help get their head straight. Hope 2011 only gets better for you. X

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