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  1. I'm sure you will love it, it's a bit different from the others but more of a comedy film. The ridiculous Shabby walked last week....think I'm quite addicted but I'm not at the point where I'm subscribing to the live feed. Need to pop off now, Mr Kiz has just arrived in from playing footie and we're about to have our dinner....lovely chatting, speak again soon hon. x

  2. You're quite right to set your sights high! Just promise to remember me when your rich and famous. :) Oh yeah I did eventually get to see SATC, once I could hobble into the pictures with my dodgy ankle.....loved it, thought it was more far fetched than usual but it was hilarious. What did you think? Are you watching BB?

  3. Not going away anywhere I'm afraid, need to get this bley house finished......still don't even have a bathroom door! What do you want to do when you graduate?...apart from hosting Loose Women!

  4. Great, things are going well up here too. I'm off for another 4 and a half weeks, whooopee! I just realised that I graduated 10 years ago this very day.....scary! When are you back at uni? Is this your final year?

  5. Yaaay, how are you little spud?!

  6. Just saw your post in what sucks, hope you're ok.

  7. No the run is after the spa weekend...bad planning really ;) Yeah I'm doing the 6 miles on the 21st March - 4 weeks today, eeek! I haven't asked for any sponsor money yet but I should really get a move on I suppose. When you register for the run they automatically give you a sport relief giving page, think I'll put it on my facebook today and get started with the fundraising.

    Hangover not too bad today actually. Did you go out somewhere nice last night or drinks in the house?

  8. Hey, same to you! Hope you enjoy it here. :)

  9. Yeah I am on twitter but I hardly use it, not been on for about a month.....can't keep up with all these social networking sites! I have the same user name on twitter but I'm probably one of the most boring people to follow ;)

  10. Hello lovely. How are you? Just wanted to say well done for all the lovely stuff you organised for Jono's birthday, what a fantastic job!

    When are you off to Spain?

  11. Haha, thanks! Cheers also for the pic of Ricky.....his hair is looking like it needs a good wash.....bet Ezra was cleaner looking?!

  12. Hello! Is this actual Becca off of Trivial Pursuit? ;)

  13. Woohoo! You'll be able to spot us easily at the geek meet....we'll be the ones with no teeth left ;)

  14. Cool, I've been thinking about eating a curry ever since you mentioned it....yum! I'm ok just don't have an outfit for my friend's wedding on Friday....arrrgh

  15. Hey honey, how did your Slumdog Millionaire night go?

  16. Hi Matt

    I may be moving to Texas in a few years time, I was just wondering if you are able to listen to Scott's show live over there?



  17. Urrgh! It was tough going, not been in months but at least I made it there. I was actually inspired to go incase I bumped into Gary Barlow....my friend's sister met him there the last time they played in Glasgow! She said he was lovely and was just chatting away. Can you imagine?!? I don't think I could even speak if I saw him. I'm not sure if they are staying at that hotel this time round but you never know! I'm so exhausted today though I didn't have the energy to go. I'm off work on Friday morning so I'm going to go hang about just incase.....

    How you feeling now uni is over for the year? Are you back home?

  18. Hey cheeky chops! Check out your profile pic thingy with Coleen, oooh! Did you enjoy your cocktails in the sun yesterday?

  19. Yeah I did hear about the film, that will be so good! I wonder if Carrie and Big will have any children...can't see it somehow.

    I actually don't know who is supporting, will need to find out so I know whether or not it will be worth going early. We are meeting at my friends house at about 5 for a Chinese and some wine then heading to see Cheryl & co. Can't drink too much though I've got yet another Christening to go to on Sunday.

    Sadly, I am exhausted and am going to bed (such an oldie) hope the book signing goes well. xx

  20. I'm sure when she finds out you are there she'll send out VIP passes for you! Yeah they are playing in Glasgow tonight and tomorrow, I was trying to find out where they are staying but have had no luck so far....I'm such a stalker!!

    Just discovered the Nati appreciation group, how did I miss that? I must join!

  21. Yeah!! Glad he's back to normal. Terry is at my mum's for the weekend, we have friends staying over tomorrow night and one of them is alergic to him.

    I'm good, looking forward to seing Girls Aloud tomorrow night. One of my friends is there tonight and has just text to say it is amazing! What time is the book signing?

  22. All is well thanks, just the usual job taking over my life again but I am getting better at the whole work/life balance thing....honest! Glad to hear it went well was it a teaching job?

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