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  1. Nope, they just go out the front or round the corner for a puff. Edit: well there may be a private bit but I don't think they are allowed to smoke there. Just thinking of the bit where Fearne gets her pics taken for her fashion bit.
  2. Yeah, I'm intrigued as to what they'll be doing. They don't have a lot of time to prepare.
  3. Yeah, I'm intrigued as to what they'll be doing. They don't have a lot of time to prepare.
  4. Scott often pops out for 'fresh air' so you have a good chance of meeting him in the afternoon before or during the show.
  5. Aled is my number one choice for surgery but when he's not there I think Nihal is the perfect substitute. Last night's show was excellent and I think Nihal did very well discussing such a controversial and sensitive subject. I find listening to such shows quite difficult due to the extremely sad nature of the subject but it was an interesting listen.
  6. Brilliant news! I'm sure she'll be sad her first day back leaving her wee baba.
  7. Great, Nordoff Robbins is a very worthwhile charity. We have a few of their therapists working at our school and they do such an amazing job!
  8. Aww that's lovely, glad you had a nice time. Think I'd have been scared of Stephen Fry too!
  9. This song has been on a couple of times in the last week. Good to hear it back!
  10. Hmmm this will be interesting! Can't believe it's almost a year since last year's musical shenanigans.
  11. OMG! I well confused now..........
  12. Cool, thanks. Looking forward to it!
  13. Friday is the 2nd July, the 30th is Wednesday. Not sure what day you mean?
  14. As with a lot of bigotry most people just feel this way because they have grown up with people around them who feel this way. A lot of bigots don't have a mind of their own and don't even know why they 'hate' these other people. As you say it's often 'because they're English' etc.....hmmmm and your point is? I don't really know if it is worse in Scotland, to be fair I have only really experienced it from a Scottish point of view so I couldn't really say who is worse. It's a load of nonsense! Errr and as for 'sometimes don't make it into tournaments' I think you're being a bit generous there Emma, more like never, haha!
  15. Very late in responding to this thread but I love this song, love the video and love Katy Perry. Still baffles me what she see in Russell Brand though.
  16. I am not interested in football at all but thought it was sad to see England go out today. Yes, I am Scottish but I am also British and wanted England to do well. I am against all kind of bigotry, unfortunately many Scottish people didn't want England to win and I think it's pathetic, as is the bigotry toward Scotland by many England fans. The hatred felt by fans against others is one of the things that really puts me off football, be it Celtic/Rangers, Scotland/England. It's very sad that many people use it as an outlet to hate on others. However, I know that there are a lot of fans out there on all 'sides' who purely love watching football and are passionate for all the right reasons. Hope you are not too upset today and can enjoy watching the rest of the World Cup!
  17. Aww, that's lovely! Ellie's quite small isn't she? I'm sure they'll look like such a cute couple.
  18. Happy belated birthday Tim! Glad to hear you had a lovely day, hope you enjoyed the cake.
  19. Aww this thread is not nice!
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