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  1. Happy Birthday Mike! Hope you are celebrating in style.
  2. I'm sure you will love it, it's a bit different from the others but more of a comedy film. The ridiculous Shabby walked last week....think I'm quite addicted but I'm not at the point where I'm subscribing to the live feed. Need to pop off now, Mr Kiz has just arrived in from playing footie and we're about to have our dinner....lovely chatting, speak again soon hon. x

  3. You're quite right to set your sights high! Just promise to remember me when your rich and famous. :) Oh yeah I did eventually get to see SATC, once I could hobble into the pictures with my dodgy ankle.....loved it, thought it was more far fetched than usual but it was hilarious. What did you think? Are you watching BB?

  4. I get that of course his family and friends will mourn him and that's only natural, it's not even my place to comment on that side of it but it bugs me that the media are giving the time of day to people who are trying to defend his actions.
  5. Not going away anywhere I'm afraid, need to get this bley house finished......still don't even have a bathroom door! What do you want to do when you graduate?...apart from hosting Loose Women!

  6. Great, things are going well up here too. I'm off for another 4 and a half weeks, whooopee! I just realised that I graduated 10 years ago this very day.....scary! When are you back at uni? Is this your final year?

  7. I can't believe there are people trying to defend him, saying he was a lovely guy....obviously I didn't know him personally but what kind of lovely guy kills someone and shoots others. That poor Police Officer may be blinded now - by a nice guy?
  8. Yaaay, how are you little spud?!

  9. Yaaay, I voted 6 times. I only have 2 email addresses - work and private but I used Mr Kiz and my mum's addresses too.
  10. Happy 18th Birthday Grace, you're an actual grown up now! Hope you're having a fab time, enjoy some cake.....
  11. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day. Couldn't find an MX-5 cake so this will have to do.....
  12. Think this looks like an old clip as Scott is wearing his old black jumper uniform, plus the fox says "over to Mark for the news and weather". How Bizarre!
  13. Thanks! Yaay, things are all coming together for you with a job, the house and a lovely geek to share it with!
  14. Yesterday was my 3 year wedding anniversary, had such a lovely day and went out for a delicious meal!
  15. It's such a heartbreaking tragedy. I just don't understand why these people do such horrific things, I can't get my head around why anyone would think it's ok to take the lives of others, especially innocent people. The fear that victims must have felt in the last few moments of their lives is unthinkable.
  16. These are the worst dates for me, I'm off all summer but go back to work on the 12th August. Boo hoo! :cry:
  17. I completely agree with all you have said about sick people condoning bombings, it's disgusting. I really couldn't see any Scottish people siding with Hitler, as Scotland were in the war as much as England and it was Britain as a whole fighting against the Germans, all males in the UK within the age range were called up to fight. Scotland was bombed a lot too in the war and many were killed. Anyway, we all love each other on UM eh?
  18. These people are just idiots though and don't even know why they don't like the English. They wouldn't even know how to explain how they feel.
  19. Huh? Is that a joke because he's standing next to the super tiny Kylie?
  20. Another very young person dies, very sad.
  21. Haha, well that's another story. A lot of Celtic fans support Ireland, in Glasgow there are not as many Scotland fans as you might think. Other areas of Scotland are quite different though.
  22. Those bley newsbeat buckfast clips have a lot to answer for......cringe! A lot of Rangers fans actually support England and you see a lot of St Georges flags at their matches.
  23. Yes, very true! There is no way they put the musical together in the time they said they did.
  24. Yes, very true! There is no way they put the musical together in the time they said they did.
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