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  1. She's one of your favourite people isn't she?
  2. Where's the 'I don't know' option? I wish I was able to click on 'yes'
  3. Total bargain! He was auditioning the housemates for a Glee challenge. They had to make a video of 'Don't Stop Believing' it was pretty funny.
  4. Aww hugs to you too, hope you're both feeling a bit better today. Boohoo to the sore throat. Hahaha starman will be hilarious, did you see Andrew Stone on BB?
  5. I have been ill for days now. I don't like to complain in life but I'm having a crappy day and I just feel like a moan....so there it is!
  6. kizmok


    Really? I've not heard them talk about it for years, if that's the case they should be putting out new appeals for stories, there's plenty out there.
  7. Brilliant timing, I'm back at work that week.
  8. Happy birthday you spring chicken!
  9. kizmok


    Think it's had its day to be honest, it was great at the time but I'm not keen on constantly reviving old features. In saying that I still want to see ROAK back!
  10. Does anyone know at roughly what time Scott was on? Edit: I found it - 16 minutes in if anyone is interested. Can't believe I watched that whole bley thing for 10 seconds of Scott getting his head banged on a desk! Anyway, I liked the clips on his R1 page where he is playing guitar with the puppets etc.
  11. I can't think of the funniest thing that has ever happened to me. It's bugging me now though.
  12. Oh, well maybe she's preggers by the ex husband??
  13. She's got to be pregnant! That'll annoy the ex husband who appears now and again.
  14. Is that Greg in the studio? Edit: I just tried to post what's on the webcam but I'm rubbish...sorry
  15. Think I'll go and see this film when I get paid. Leo has it all, he's a fab actor plus he's super hot!
  16. The rain! Also, I just put my cat's bed in the washing machine and it has come out full of holes.
  17. Indeed, not heard this for ages. Reminds me of some great nights out!
  18. It's ok, there are parts of the song that I like but overall I'm not 100% sure about it. I wouldn't buy it put it that way.
  19. I love the old clips of Scott, his posh voice is hilarious. Cheered me up on this rainy day, haha! Loving the old tunes too.
  20. Happy belated birthday Mr Doovde! Hope you had a good one.
  21. If they do it the same way as last year then you will be able to queue for tickets on the day of the performance. Also, some people who got tickets on-line didn't collect theirs and they were released on the evening of the performance a few hours before. Still gutted that I don't think I'll be able to go this year.......:cry:
  22. Aww Alifie's gorgeous....I love this thread we should rename it 'What's cute in your life?'
  23. Aww Archie is the perfect name! I just want to reach into the screen and steal him!
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