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  1. Yaaay! I hope Scott does get another go on River City, I went on the set tour recently and it was amezzin'.
  2. Happy birthday Jonathan. Hope you're having a fab day!
  3. She didn't question it being in the news, she commented on it being front page news @lillyroseallen 'not quite front page worthy but anyways........... surreal'
  4. Quite good, a catchy tune to shake your booty to. Very Scott Mills.
  5. Looking forward to seeing the documentary, it's very sad that so many people all over the world are still being 'punished' or made to feel like it's wrong to be who they are. They make out as if this is something new, Scott has been saying this for over a year now. I wouldn't agree that Scott feels the need to 'hide' his sexuality, he just sees it as irrelevant to his show. In the same way that me being straight is irrelevant to my job. Corsaboi summed it up well......
  6. Happy birthday Aled! Hope you have a lovely day, from me and the girls.
  7. Yeah, congrats! Best friends are coming to visit tomorrow!
  8. Yeah, it will be interesting to see what they do play. Some people have a strange view on what dance music actually is.
  9. :yeahthat: It's to be expected that it would be in the news, as with all famous people who are pregnant. Such lovely news, especially after the heartache of a miscarriage.
  10. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a lovely day.
  11. Congrats on winning the CD Tyler.
  12. Well it depends if Scott's going to be singing the Abba songs?
  13. 'Kiss the panda!' Brilliant. I am loving this series of Dragon's Den.
  14. Haha, well it's a good job you can't actually hear me singing!
  15. Aaargh....I don't think I can read any more.
  16. No, the image is in my head now....I'm scarred for life...
  17. Perhaps it's a Scottish word. It's like gagging as if your about to be sick...can't think how else to describe it.
  18. John, your comment made me actually boak 3 times!
  19. Their fans obviously have more email addresses than us.
  20. Ripping off your mum's tights is so wrong! Eww!
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