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  1. Ahh, women never forget though, hee hee! You will need to have Archie and Maisie as page boy and bridesmaid!
  2. Absolutely, I really didn't take to the 'ladette' Sara of yesteryear but I really like Sara as she is now and enjoy her ramblings. She's definitely the best replacement for Scott when he's away.
  3. Here it is.....http://www.unofficialmills.co.uk/communities/entry.php?752-I-did-an-Emma-and-met-The-Lord-Scott-Mills!! Plus...http://www.unofficialmills.co.uk/communities/content.php?162-musical-2009 Camping for tickets http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/scottmills/2009/08/unofficial-mills-fans-queue-fo.shtml Nati- oops just noticed your post above mine there! Added a wee extra one in too.
  4. Aww thanks a lot everyone! Especially Nati for creating such a thoughtful thread. Loving all the SATC name choices, we will definitely give them some consideration - we'll maybe pass on Spor DC as I wouldn't want to steal your chosen name . Alan, I think I would definitely be receiving the divorce papers through the door if I picked the name Scott! Poor Mark has been subjected to enough over the years with all the musical camping out etc. Hee hee. Got a few name choices picked ourselves but keeping them a secret for the moment. All suggestions are welcome! I will definitely post pics when the baba arrives. Thanks again!
  5. Mine is in my blog, far too long to repeat!
  6. Well done Lucie, sounds like you had a fun day! Post a pic if u can.
  7. I think the best judges of whether or not the subject was covered sensitively are those who have been through it themselves.
  8. Aw Umbrella, this is one of my favourite songs ever!
  9. This was a hilarious feature today. I couldn't believe I was actually watching Louie Spence epilating a man's bare bum on morning tv. Ouch!
  10. Gemma Lomas.......is she in any way related to the lovely Emma Lomas??
  11. Haha, me too! What happened to the 'most missed forum members' category?
  12. Yeah, they are clearly very, very different but Moyles portrays himself as your typical 'lad's lad' so the differences are far more extreme.
  13. I've quite enjoyed listening to him so far. Wasn't keen when he was on doing the England World Cup stuff but that's only because I find football chat really boring. I think he'd be a good team member and agree that we don't want him to be the 'new Chappers', there's nothing worse than someone trying to be someone else.
  14. Bit of a cumbersome title and pretty pointless really, don't think it sounds as good as Floorfillers.
  15. Blind Date was much better, wish they'd bring that back. Only with Cilla though it wouldn't be right with anyone else.
  16. I don't think Louie would work as well with Scott as he does with Moyles. Louie and Moyles are complete opposites and I think that's why it works so well and is so funny.
  17. I find the storyline very uncomfortable to watch. Yes, soaps can be very far-fetched but I feel that this is a very specific, heartbreaking subject which has not been dealt with properly. Covering cot death is one thing but this is not sensitive to the feelings of families who have been through the tragedy themselves.
  18. A classic Timmy Trendy call, love it!
  19. Haha I love that Scott mentioned Beckham's good looks as an important factor! I have to agree.
  20. Thank you everyone! I can't begin to explain how happy we both are. Baby is due on 27th February.
  21. I'm going to be a Mummy! Edit: before anyone cracks a joke....not the wrapped in bandages type!
  22. Happy Birthday Sam! I hope you're having a fab day!
  23. Ahhh the memories.... Loved the musical last year, the build up was exciting and being there, meeting the Scott et al, Joe some of the UM geeks was an unforgetable experience! As the musical was such a huge success I think it will be hard to live up to but I'm sure the shows will be funny. The musical was very professional and I'm sure this year's shows will be the same.
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