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  1. TOWDS does have some shaggyisms. Skinny and looks like he's drowning in his clothes ( I mean this in the nicest possible way!) but I think the long face, the hair and the fact that he is big scaredy cat make him more like Chopper.
  2. Yeah, he is the stig but the stig is not in Scooby Doo? I honestly think TOWDS looks like Velma......the glasses, the hair, the intelligent look??
  3. I agree with Kelly, I thought last week was hilarious. I honestly had a brill week cos I was laughing so much on my way to work. Although I did miss listening on the way home cos I'm not really a fan of Nihal. I like Barryoke too.
  4. Actually, it's obvious TOWDS has to be velma. She is the intelligent one.......and obviously they do look quite alike!
  5. Hee hee, that's hilarious. I don't remember Scooby Dum! Who would the one who doesn't speak be??:?:
  6. Yeah, Chappers is a big wimp like Shaggy! But I do love him!
  7. What does everyone think on this? I have been giving it a lot of thought and I'm thinking it has to be Fred! Fred tries very hard as does Scott. For example, Fred tries to de-code the mysteries by speaking foreign languages but never quite gets it right - as does Scott when he tried to phone places in France with his dodgy French accent. Also, Fred is very brave. As was Scott when he did ghost hunting......what do you think?
  8. Yeah, he's not changed! I text to say I thought he looked great as a hobo and I found that attractive. Couldn't believe it when he called my mobile back bout it!! Got the fright of my life when I realised it was him! It made my day.....weekend.....in fact I'm still high bout it Totally cringed when I heard my voice on the radio :oops: but it was well worth it.:hahaha: Yeah I prefered it too! Btw It was me who added you as a friend on facebook today. Kirsty
  9. That was so funny! I thought his first attempt was good, don't know why it got so many bad reviews?
  10. Me too, hope she gets sorted out and has an amazing comeback! Giving her first exclusive interview on Scott's show
  11. Scott's holiday video! How funny is that video!!? Scott does not sound amused though!
  12. Kelly looks horrendous! The only one who really looks better is Chris, can't believe he actually looks hot! Think Aled is better in real life, don't like him with those silly muscles! It's good for people to see what can be done to make celebs look 'perfect' in the eyes of the media. Although we all see what they look like in real life in gossip mags like heat etc. So most people should realise that they have bad skin and hair days like the rest of us.
  13. Absolutely! It's terrible, she clearly needs help but don't think she realises it yet. She has grown up with the media watching her every move and I don't think she knows how to function without all of that attention. She should def go into rehab.
  14. Does anyone else miss this part of the show??
  15. I can't find any clips of scott on sally's show, can anyone help me with this??
  16. What age r u Andy B?? If u don't mind me asking, just wondered if I was younger than u..
  17. I don't think he actually doesn't like it. I think he is just saying that. Think he is just playing up to the character of being grumpy, plus he just likes to disagree with Scott. He's at it.
  18. Did anyone see Scott on the Sally Morgan show? I'd really like to see it but can't find it on 'you tube' does anyone know where I could see it?
  19. Yeah I agree, the guy with the car is a bit chav looking!
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