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  1. Wooooo don't have to wake up at stupid o clock to hear a decent dj now. Be good dev then matt at weekends.
  2. Absolute is a quality station. But did I see Pete is covering Dev first week of the year?
  3. Love it Dev seems to be on every weekend. Love a bit of Dev
  4. Very surprised no Greg? Looking forward to Xmas week. New Years week looks awful. Apart from Dev on Brekkie
  5. Predictions and hopes folks? Not long to go now:D
  6. I smell a shake-up of schedule soon
  7. Loved Jameela on request show. But shes awful on the chart. Ive been listening to the official chart for over ten years. Shes by far the worst host!
  8. Who are your top 5? Mine are- 5.Dan & Phil 4.Dev 3. Matt Edmondson 2. Scott Mills 1. Greg James
  9. Looking forward to the return of Fearne will make me feel young again
  10. I really do. Find radio 1 so dull without him at times:cry:
  11. Great news more Scott really enjoying Scott on Breakfast at the moment as I don't normally hear him during the day as I work. Don't enjoy Grimmy so enough said. Scott is great at the Chat also.
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