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  1. I like that caller. She seems crazy. And crazy people amuse me.
  2. I think...I missed something. My feet are kinda cold ya know...Because I have no socks on or cos its gonna be cold all week. I shall let you decide.
  3. I never say babe. don't like it. dont think I ever have, or ever will.
  4. I loved the last picture. hehe. As I also love this oober cool song.
  5. awww that last picture is so cute. hehe.
  6. yay. laura. nun. 20 minutes??? craziness.
  7. I think...he said he's finishing at 6
  8. Thank you. You tooo with your results...Im guessing A Levels.
  9. me too. but cos I don't want have to wait another week after next thursday to get mine.
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