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  1. trên người có một chút da thịt rồi, hơn nữa ngươi ngày hôm qua không phải bị Ba Khắc đánh sao, ta tối hôm qua hoàn thấy ngươi sắc mặt màu xanh tím, bây giờ như thế nào một chút đều cũng nhìn không ra?”

    học kế toán thực hành

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    Rattan Furniture Bedroom

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    nhạc sàn cực mạnh

    “ Ba Khắc gần nhất khẳng định có chút lười vận động a, ngươi xem hắn gần nhất ánh mắt không có tinh anh, một bộ dáng rất mệt mỏi, hắn còn có sức gì nữa. Còn như vậy đi xuống, phỏng chừng hắn đều đánh không lại ta rồi!

  2. Serin


    I remember going to the cinema when I was 12 to see the very first Toy Story film, which I loved. Can't say I have great enthusiasm these days to go and see any sequels though.
  3. Happy birthday Downcount! You're now the age I was when I first joined this forum maaany moons ago. Hope you have a wonderful day <3 xx
  4. There's no point. It'll either be The Star-Spangled Banner or The Ode to Joy by Beethoven in a few decades from now.
  5. Happy birthday Ema x
  6. Serin

    The Politics Thread

    It's within a toff's nature to want to hurt the poor, they're just doing what comes naturally to them.
  7. Serin

    The Politics Thread

    I've heard interesting comments made recently that if the UK was able to get back all of the tax owed by non-doms and the rich who have avoided paying taxes over the last ten years we would receive somewhere in the region of £135bn, which would almost clear the deficit.
  8. Serin

    The Politics Thread

    It's been that way since time immemorial.
  9. Serin

    The Politics Thread

    A £2bn levy on the banks? What an absolute fucking joke! It makes me so angry. It should be somewhere in the region of £50bn and all of their profits should be seized and diverted straight into the Treasury. Punitive taxes on the richest people and companies of this country is the only way out of the mess they're responsible for! There should also be a disproportionately unfair carbon tax directly imposed on the wealthiest companies and individuals (aimed at raking in around £10-15bn per year) and a massive hike in income tax on them. Squeeze the cunts dry!!!
  10. Even with regular water and plenty of light grass won't live for very long indoors as it cannot abide the humidity of an indoor environment such as a residential home.
  11. Thank you so much everyone! Been out for a nice meal. Had a faaaabulous day
  12. I'm kinda glad Forest didn't win promotion to the Premier League, they need another year to get prepared for it, it would have been too early had they gone up I think and relegation a likely prospect.
  13. Serin

    Election 2010

    Don't give ITV any ideas!
  14. Serin

    Election 2010

    If I wake up tomorrow and that fucking toff cunt is PM then I'm not going to be very happy at all.
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