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I Just See Him Topless 02 Jan 17 Scott and Chris are back for 2017! They discuss Mariah Carey… oh dear. Scott watched ALL the TV on New Years Day – but NOT Sherlock. After upsetting fans of Monopoly last week, today he turns his attention to Mr Bean. Scott and Chris are hobby hunting again, and Scott’s made a list, there’s some good news regarding the Scott Mills Bridge and Scott and Chris have a work colleague who likes to post topless pictures of himself on Instagram – but it’s a bit awkward. Plus, the Best Thing of 2017 buzzer has been reset – and Scott wants to press his ALREADY. And Kerry is on to play Real or No Real – find out whether Bruno Mars’s real name is actually Peter Gordon. An Unofficial Mills production created by forum member OohEr.
Radio 1’s Jan Slam 03 Jan 17 The season of board games and cake eating is over but don’t worry we can cheer you up with some amazing prizes as we launch Radio 1’s Jan Slam. Plus there’s also all the usual fun of the fair like Real or No Real and Bangers (with a twist).
Tom Daley. 04 Jan 17 We are in for Grimmy all this week and today someone gets to go to Wimbledon as part of our Jan Slam contest, we wonder who the celebrities are in the Big Brother house and Tom Daley joins us to talk food, fame and his fans. Oh and, has someone got Scott’s old phone?
Huge Ed Sheeran News. 05 Jan 17 The season of board games and cake eating is over but don’t worry we can cheer you up with some amazing prizes as we launch Radio 1’s Jan Slam. Plus there’s also all the usual fun of the fair like Real or No Real and Bangers (with a twist).
Ed Sheeran & Alan Shearer. 06 Jan 17 Ed Sheeran spends the morning with us in his first radio interview for TWO years. We hear all about his new songs, hanging out with Van Morrison and James Blunt, bungee jumping, swimming with sharks and being strapped to front of an aeroplane. Also footy legend Alan Shearer is here for another big give away in Radio 1’s Jan Slam contest.
The Real Castle On The Hill. 09 Jan 17 Scott & Chris are back in the afternoons and listener Sophie has asked them to hold off playing Ed Sheeran – Castle On The Hill until she’s stood outside THE castle on THE Hill (Framlingham Castle in Suffolk) so she can appreciate it properly. Scott’s old school is up for a rebrand with a public vote on their website to decide on their new name – could we see a Scott Mills High very soon? Meanwhile Chris thinks he’s spotted Taylor Swift out in town and does John Barrowman love oversized bananas? Find out in Real Or No Real.
Hello Is That Yaaas? 10 Jan 17 Scott and Chris have had LOADS of Tweets about the town of Yass in New South Wales Australia; could it be the happiest place on Earth ‘cos Yass? There’s only one way to find out… Call them up! Mike Duce from Lower Than Atlantis jumps in to the wet seat for Innuendo Bingo. PLUS! Find out if President Obama has been offered a part time role at a music streaming service as ‘Head of Playlists’ in Real or No Real with Charlie Sloth.
Gym Tennis 11 Jan 17 New Year, new you? New year, new feature! Well, OK a re-versioned one. Remember Library Tennis? Well, ‘cos January – Scott and Chris have lined up two gym buddies to go head to head in the gym, it’s a grunt off like never before! Scott and Chris have both had literal brushes with MASSIVE celebrities today, and whilst we’re on a gym flex, hear Scott’s new gym-spiration guru; Jillian Michaels – wow is she angry!
Innuendo Bingo with Tom Kerridge. 12 Jan 17 Ooh! We’ve got a new friend of the show and he’s called Korean Billy – and he does the BEST English language tutorials online, we love him! Celebrity chef and man with the BEST laugh EVER… Tom Kerridge jumps in to the wet seat for Innuendo Bingo. Bangers! is back and Chris is purely playing for pride, but can Scott make it 4-Nil? Plus! Find out if the ultimate baller way to play Monopoly is with actual money in Real or No Real with Greg James.
It all a dream, honest. 13 Jan 17 Chris’ friend, Reginald has done something really NAUGHTY in a dream, which raises the question, “If he took a lie detector test, would he pass it?” – there’s only one show to call to help on this one, ‘Jeremy Kyle’ – YAS! Scott brings you some incredibly catty audio all the way from Australia. Cel Spellman drops in for a round of Real or No Real, and flexes his acting talents by doing ALL the accents. PLUS! Will Chris be five-balled by Scott in the final Bangers! of the week?
Lunch Trumps 16 Jan 17 Chris has invented a new game for 2017, and it’s really addictive – ‘Lunch Trumps’. Think you have a better lunch than Chris? Prove it! It’s a brand new week, and that means the Bangers! slate has been wiped clean. Plus, do you get cards and texts from your dog? Chris does… But if only we could convince senior management at Radio 1 to read out the texts AS A DOG! Oh, we can?
What Happens in Vegas Doesn’t Stay in Vegas 17 Jan 17 Listener Ed is on, and he’s got himself in to a little predicament in Las Vegas; can Scott and Chris help him out? TV’s Will Best jumps in to the wet seat today for Innuendo Bingo and he get a proper soaking. Bangers! is back and both choices are a bit ‘Scott Mills’ today. PLUS! Find out if couples that declare their love for one another on the social medias actually hate each other IRL in Real or No Real with a (very) late Charlie Sloth.
I Saw Gandalf Getting-Off with a Golden Snitch 18 Jan 17 Fancy dress is all the rage, right? But have you ever got-off with anyone in fancy dress? Scott and Chris find out… We’re halfway through the week, so that can only mean one thing – it’s Bamboleo Wednesday – yaaas! Scott and Chris play radio’s most revealing game, The Google Game – and Scott gives away TMI. Plus! Find out if a man in Manchester has asked a club to band his girlfriend’s dad so he can chat up other girls in Real or No Real with Clara Amfo!
Hello Is That Prince William 20 Jan 17 Scott and Chris phone back some people who text in to Radio 1 claiming to be the real Prince William. Surely ONE of them must actually be him? The guys hit the phones to try and find out. And with it being a big news day, the guys decide it’s the perfect time for their brand new game, Lunch Trumps. It has the word Trump in the title after all. Plus, Cel Spellman is in for Real Or No Real. And there’s a high-stakes round of Bangers.
Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes Innuendo Bingo 24 Jan 17 Frank & Dean from Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes play a good Innuendo Bingo, Our new friend Korean Billy is back with a new British regional accent and Charlie Sloth plays Real Or No Real.
Fake News On Stupid Street 25 Jan 17 Stupid Street returns! And with Fake News all over the headline, Scott and Chris wonder if the residents will be fooled by some stories they’ve made up. Also, why is Sean Paul freaking Scott out? Greg James joins Chris to find out if Gino D’acampo is embarking on a music career in Real Or No Real and of course it’s Bamboleo Wednesday too.
Sean Walsh Innuendo Bingo 26 Jan 17 Comedian Sean Walsh is back in the wet seat to play Bingo, but what’s this about a sleepover at Chris’ house? Meanwhile, Scott can’t stop bleeding after a shaving accident, listener Jack has an alternative theory about Ed Sheeran’s scar that everyone’s talking about, and Scott’s got that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you realise a celebrity isn’t dead after all. Plus, what’s in Theresa May’s hamper, and is she giving one to Melania Trump? Find out on Real Or No Real with Alice Levine.
Hamper Trumps! 27 Jan 17 Everyone enjoyed Lunch Trumps so much last week that Scott and Chris are bringing it back, but there’s a twist: in honour of Theresa May’s gift of a hamper to Melania Trump this week, they go posh – it’s Hamper Trumps! Listener Harry has an update on The Scott Mills Bridge’s recovery from fire damage, Chris is going on 5Live’s Fighting Talk this weekend but he’s feeling a little under the weather with ‘hot nose’, and Cel Spellman can’t get enough of Scott’s Australian accent on Real Or No Real.
Girls! What do you want 30 Jan 17 Chris thinks he may have cracked a rib when he fell off his chair during a feature, Scott makes it worse by trying to make him laugh. Plus it’s a new week of Bangers, what do girls really want from blokes and Greg James is here for Real Or No Real.


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