Scott Mills Radio 1

Show Features

Take a trip down memory lane with a visit to the Unofficial Mills vault where we have features from the very start of The Scott Mills Show on Radio 1.

24 Years At The Tap End Two seasons of Chris Stark’s life including Tap End Unplugged.
Banter The bits on the show you want to hear again and again.
Badly Bleeped TV The quiz where the news always sounds rude!
Barryoke It’s a bit like karaoke… but it’s sung by people called Barry!
Beccy’s Classifieds Beccy loves a bargain. Here she shares her tips.
Becky Cam Video highlights of Becky Cam. You’ll need QuickTime to view and download these files!
Birthday Messages Unofficial Mills gets some special birthday messages for some very special birthdays.
Bookshop Game Can Scott fool the workers in book shops?
Celebrity Call Scott calls up people with clips of celebrities. But how long will they stay on the phone for?
Chappers & Dave Favourite moments from their cover shows.
Dear Scott Scott answers your correspondents by getting the Posh Radio 4 lady to read them out.
Flirt Divert If someone you don’t like asks for your number just give them this!
Florist Calls Is there anything florists won’t put on the card?
Greg James Greg was the regular cover for Scott’s show when he started at Radio 1.
Guests Scott Mills talks to the stars.
Handovers Old handovers between Scott, Zane Lowe or Jo Whiley.
Innuendo Bingo Scott dishes out clips of the double entendres on TV and Radio.
It’s Only Bley Friday The momentous words that start your weekend.
Jingles A variety of trails and jingles.
Laura Laura dared to go where no other team member would. Here’s some of the radio gold she took part in.
Laura’s Diary Relive all five seasons on Unofficial Mills.
Lloyd It’s Radio 1’s football expert off of Oswestry.
Mentions When the website, or a forum member, gets mentioned on Radio 1.
Music Some of Scott’s remixes including The Ting Tings, The Verve and Madonna.
My Name Is Scott Scott tries to put right all of the bad things that he has done.
Oh, What’s Occurring The game Scott hosts where Chappers and Beccy have to correctly guess the outcome of a situation.
One Night With Laura The competition that found Laura a boyfriend… only for her to dump him for the loser.
Phone Pranks The phone pranks that feature in the show.
Podcasts The Scott Mills Daily podcast archive.
Radio 1 Audio highlights from the station.
Radio 1’s Big Weekend Clips related to Radio 1’s free music festival.
Random The random bits Unofficial Mills has found for you to enjoy.
Random Act of Kindness Scott’s a decent guy, and in this feature he cheers up one deserving listener.
Random Games The random games that don’t fit anywhere else.
Revenge Calls Scott and Chappers try to get revenge.
Rude Name Game Scott tracks down some rude names.
Scott Mills Platinum Your chance to hear the team playing out clips of Scott Mills from the olden days.
Scott’s Flatmate Scott’s flatmate has a week to improve his stand-up performance.
Scott’s Loose Lips Scott tries to track down the listeners with the loosest lips.
Social Experiments The Scott Mills Show’s social experiments.
Stuart The Bread Guy He was like marmite… you either loved this caller or you hated him.
Text Roulette The game where the team have to send an alarming phrase to someone in their phone book – at random.
The Bootleg The Unofficial Mills Bootleg from Scott Mills The Mills Musical.
The Honesty Game The game where the team have to be 100% truthful.
The Musical The team prepare for a musical all about Scott Mills taking place at the Edinburgh Festival in August 2009.
The Newspapers Game Scott and the team try to get their crazy stories into the newspapers.
Trapped in the Closet Scott analyses R Kelly’s hit song ‘Trapped in the Closet’ in this series of podcasts.
TV Appearances Scott talks about his television appearances including Hollyoaks, The Bill and Casualty.
Video Links to our YouTube channels and the latest television appearances from the team.
What’s Beccy’s Forté? The team try to find a talent for team member Beccy.
Would I Lie To You? Beccy tries to get random members of the public to lie for her.
You’re Sick! If you laugh at this, well, you’re sick!
You’ve Been Busted Scott gets revenge on the people that listeners have nominated.