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  1. anothernerd

    Fantasy Christmas Schedule 2018

    Following on from my last post where I put not sure after this I had some more ideas New Year Countdown with Annie Mac doIng the music, Scott doIng a final chart update of 2018 and leads the countdown with Jordon and Katie probably. 2019 New Years Day Dev solo or Alice solo Adele Roberts Cel Speilman Matt and Mollie Jordon North Artist Takeover whatever replaces the 8th Jack Saunders
  2. anothernerd

    Schedule Changes

    Jordon in for Grimmy.. Should be good then! Jordon is better than Grimmy
  3. anothernerd

    What radio do you listen to?

    I was browsing and found this! Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James Sometimes Clara Sometimes Spotify Playlist Scott Mills Chris Moyles On Radio X (catchup) Annie Mac or I watch TV/YouTube the 8th (Well I will for another month) heart’s club classics with Annalise Dev and Alice matt and Mollie Rochelle Humes on Sat(heart) Chilliest Show on Planet Earth (Phil) Maya And Jordon Greastest Hits! I also listen to Zane Lowe on beats one sometimes
  4. anothernerd

    Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James - First Thoughts

    I love Greg’s new show He’s 100% better then Grimmy I think Chris on Radio X has a decent rival now Greg’s settled into his new show
  5. anothernerd

    Fantasy Christmas Schedule 2018

    I’d like to see Greg&Scott co-host Christmas Day Breakfast if Greg can’t do it solo. My dream Christmas schedule would be Christmas Eve Greg James Breakfast Adele Roberts Radio 1’s Greatest Christmas Hits with Maya and Jordon Matt and Mollie Phil Taagart The 8th with Dev Indie Show with Jack Saunders Christmas Day Breakfast:Greg and Scott (or Just Greg) Artist Takeover Bangers with Jordon North Matt and Mollie ArIelle Free. Annie Mac Boxing Day Scott Mills Best of the Live lounge with Adele Greatest Hits with Katie Pre-recorded show maybe Annie Mac New Year dance party with Mistajam Not sure after this
  6. anothernerd

    Fantasy Radio 1 Schedule

    4-6.30: Maya Jama 6-30-10.00 Scott and Chris 10-1 Greg James 1-4 Matt And Mollie 4-7 Annie Mac and Nick Grimshaw 7-9 Adele Roberts 9-11 Alice Levine Weekends 6-10 Matt And Mollie 10-1 Jordon North 1-4 Charlie Sloth Rap Show/Cel and Katie 4-7 Greatest hits with Huw Stephens\Clara Amfo 7-Late 1xtra Takover/ Jack Saunders/Dev not sure when: Chart with Mistajam? Or maybe Grimmy could do it. Sit ins Greg on Breakast and Drivetime Adele on Weekend Breakfast Maya Jama in for Adele or Greatest Hits Jack Saunders in for Alice. Or Greg Clara in for Matt and Mollie(if both off) Jordon to cover any daytime show Dev in for Maya or Greg.
  7. anothernerd

    Favourite shows

    I don’t like Grimmy i don’t really listen to Clara either And also why does no one seem to like Maya Jama here? I think she’s ok
  8. anothernerd

    How Long Have You Been Listening?

    I was flipping through stations and I came across Radio 1 I remember Scott’s show being about nearly done and then Greg came on...I was so hooked on his and Scott’s Show I didn’t like Grimmy on breakfast I just didn’t find him funny To be honest it was about 12 monthes ago I heard Dev once on a Saturday when Julia hardy came on to talk about gaming I really liked Dev solo
  9. anothernerd

    Fantasy Christmas Schedule 2018

    Dev should have a show on Christmas Day if Grimmy or Charlie are off
  10. anothernerd

    Favourite shows

    Hi am new and I was wondering what shows you guys like the most on radio 1? Other than Scott&Chris Mine Dev and Alice Matt and Mollie Greg James Adele Roberts(when in for Clara) The 8th With Charlie Sloth Greatest Hits with Jordon North