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  1. anothernerd

    Big weekend 2019?

    Seems more realistic than the marathon show Moyles announced it weeks before and Scott and Chris did the week before (found out Here) Greg and Grimmy hide and seek last year was the best radio I’ve listend to all year hands down. Greg solo would be good but perhaps he would have a celeb with him. EDIT: just seen a post saying it’s not hide and seek. but still could be something similar maybe Monopoly on the Radio maybe lol
  2. anothernerd

    Big weekend 2019?

    I just took a guess she’s was winner of sound of 2018 last year and she’s always being played on radio 1 Ed Sheeran... He’s hasn’t realised anything in ages. Miley would be more live lounge then guest.
  3. anothernerd

    Big weekend 2019?

    My bet is Sigrid to play/announce first
  4. anothernerd

    Schedule Changes

    I think Abbie McCarthy will take that slot if Huw doesn’t leave before Annie
  5. anothernerd

    Big weekend 2019?

    Could’ve gone Pete Tong... Something tells me it’s another biggest weekend or at least a bigger weekend. That’s why perhaps
  6. anothernerd

    Schedule Changes

    Not on R1, Maybe Radio X or 6Music would take him for primetime
  7. anothernerd

    Schedule Changes

    Nick Bright is in for Dev on Monday 4th March- assume it's all week. As fair as it's up to. The Saturday before that (2nd) is Asian Network live.. So no rap show and no DJ Tagert.
  8. anothernerd

    2019 predictions...

    Already i can see Ricky and Melvin doing drive or breakfast on 1xtra and Charlie either doing cover at R1 with Greatest hits on Sunday maybe.. If Jordon gets a daytime show. Just because judging by their Instagram's shes pop and dance and they come across as quite hip hop and urban sort of dj's If Jeremy Vine goes it's for telly as he does a show on Channel 5 now. I could see Scott covering for Steve Wright. He'd be good in the format. If Scott goes off the chart i could see Matt and Mollie presenting or maybe this could be Jordon's big break he deserves. a few monthes ago when covering for Matt and Mollie. His description said 'Jordon North-The hardest working man in showbiz has your weekend breakfast!' Something like that. At least hardest working DJ. He's covering Adele regularly. Matt and Mollie. They seem like a fair choice if R1 needs younger listeners again.
  9. anothernerd

    Schedule Changes

    True, thats why i can't stand it. The hip hop rotation annoys me. Though i do like that dance track with Lily Allen on it when they play that average most likely she won't suit the slot i'm sure!
  10. anothernerd

    Alts to R1

    I’ll give you a listen sometime! Anyone heard Chris Evans on virgin yet? He’s been there 3 weeks or so and is now spreading rumours on his show Try Kisstory for no personalitie the djs there announce records and plug the mobile app. I cannot stand Capital. It’s just awful in my opinion. same with heart it’s just capital but they play the same few songs on loop every show. Random thought.. don’t know if relevant? so if Radio 2 is the most listened to station in the UK. Does that make Radio 1 number 2?
  11. anothernerd

    Alts to R1

    I’ve heard bits of LBC now and again. Though I have heard good things about James O’Brein. Can’t say I’ve ever tuned to Absolute Radio or Pluse One(Is that a local station?). I’ll give ‘em’ a try anyway
  12. anothernerd

    2019 predictions...

    Well Sloth did 1 Year on nighttime and left. But he had been doing bits and bobs B4 that. When did Maya join. Oh yeah I forgot she had that awkward show with Scott and Chris last March I think I’ll check the podcasts here. I’m sure it was tilted ‘She’s Like a Walking Stag Do’ Have to admit back then I thought she was ok for a rookie. But she’s been there nearly a year. Every Day is like Day 1 *rolls eyes* Why is Grimmy still at R1 forget Scott going to heart this year Nick should take over heart breakfast as he’s too old for Capital
  13. anothernerd

    Alts to R1

    UM People’s! Can I ask a favour from one geek to a few others. I’m going though a phase of listening to random shows on random stations online or on DAB. I was looking for some good shows to listen to. I reocmednd two djs to you guys as well Issy Panyais-EB Radio X. Quite like her show she should get signed for a better shift. Amy Voce- As I think one of you told me used to be part of Sam and Amy axed for Chris Evans. Hosts a nighttime show now seems funny she should join another station soon. Otherwise her talents wasting.
  14. anothernerd

    How much do you listen to Radio 1?

    Up in the West Midlands we get a local station called Free Radio the breakfast show on there is brill so sometimes listen to that sometimes Greg maybe Moyles. Call me sad as its 2019, But I actually still own a radio So virtually it’s on when I’m home if I’m not on here or listening to old radio shows or random shows. I used to listen to the 8th with Sloth than Dev but that bores me now it’s so awkward it’s not funny anymore. It’s not Dev he just doesn’t suit the format. So I’ve been listening to random stations off DAB like Kisstory or Virgin Anthems(New) I used to catch drive but don’t listen anymore now Grimmys there. Sometimes catch it in the car but only sometimes. Last time I heard him he had his reporter Sinead at the NTAS so about 3/4 Weeks ago now. Normally dip in and out to Mistajam on a sat. If I’m not busy that’s is If im awake(It’s the weekend lol, Who wants to get up early?) might catch an hour of Matt and Mollie. Sometimes I put Maya on as background noice. Cant stand the rock show don’t mind Pete or Tiffany if I’m in bed tired so on Sunday normally I flick over to Kissstory. Im at work most days so miss Clara ,Scott. But listen to the podcasts for Mills. Rarely listen on a weekend apart from Matt And Mollie sometimes other shows in the car. When Ricky Melvin and Charlie finally arrive I’ll give them a listen and if they got Rid of the rock show I will listen to more R1 at night.
  15. anothernerd

    Is Scott’s show winding down??

    I could see Scott just doing podcast Because late last year he did The Strictly Come Dancing Podcast and now Eurovision. So this could be a sign, Just saying!