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  1. anothernerd

    Schedule Changes

    Does anyone know when the new shows start The Rap Show and Ricky Melvin and Charlie?
  2. anothernerd

    Schedule Changes

    Just proving he needs a bigger show .
  3. anothernerd

    Schedule Changes

    Oh right Adele and Chris I would’ve never thought they’d call her in I thought Jordon was the obvious choice but clearly not I see might download that one...
  4. anothernerd

    Schedule Changes

    I think Arielle is abroad at the moment judging by her socials so that’s Probaly why Adele’s covering
  5. anothernerd

    2019 predictions...

    In 2019 i reckon Grimmy will be gone. With Clara on that show. Adele taking on the mid morning slot Arielle or Jordan on early breakfast. Maybe Katie taking over greatest hits Scott’s safe I think. Greg’s Happy on Breakfast so they won’t move him any time soon considering Grimmy did 6 Chris Moyles. did 8 1/2. So I reckon Greg will do 7 years. Taking us up to 2025
  6. Maya Jama-TV and fashion Huw- Promoting new bands somewhere Matt-Maybe radio 4 in like 5-6-7 years as a comedy host Jack- Probaly in the USA on a station there Grimmy- Nightclub manager Greg-Radio 2 maybe he could take Steve Wright’s Show? Jordon-Next Breakfast Show host Adele- Weekend Breakfast host Dev- some itv2 show host Alice- MDWAP weekly maybe 52/52 weeks a year? Scott- Probaly on radio one still Annie N- Radio 2 Dance Show Annie M- Just doIng gigs Mollie- Heart FM or Capital Breakfast Clara- Christmas Top of the pops...that’s it Mistajam next Breakfast host on 1xtra Phil-Radio X Danny P Carter- Probaly Kerrang! Sideman- Probaly the new *love island* host * i mean tv trash* Tagert- Probaly doing gigs only maybe the odd mix on soundcloud or something
  7. anothernerd

    Nightmare Radio One schedule

    Following on form the fantasy schedule topic for a bit of a laugh what would be your nightmare schedule 4-6 Sideman 6-10 Maya Jama 10-1 Nick Bright(Worst presenter) 1-4 Joe Swash(Reeally annoying tv presenter) 4-7 Johnny Vaughan and His team 7-9 Nick Grimshaw 9-11 Will Best 11-early Daniel P Carter Rock Show weekend 6-10 Roman Kemp (i can’t stand capital) 10-1 Annie Mac and Jack Saunders(or possibly another specialist DJ) 1-4 Cheryl 4-7 The X Factor Judging Panel from 2018(or just robbies wife) 7-9 David Rodigan(I don’t get why he’s at radio 1/1xtra surely he’s more radio 2 material?) 9-11 Charlie Sloth Rap Show(thank gawd he’s gone)
  8. anothernerd

    Schedule Changes

    Sideman’s still part of ‘the 8th’ team. Not sure what his actual job is tho. I bet he’ll be gone when Ricky Melvin and Charlie take over. Or rather they won’t ‘zoo format’ seeing as they are already 3 presenters there Sideman’s still got his 1xtra show as well so I think he might be a co-presenter then? Not sure
  9. anothernerd

    Schedule Changes

    Next Week Alice Is in for Scott
  10. anothernerd

    Schedule Changes

    Will it keep the name ‘the 8th’? also whooooooooooo?
  11. anothernerd

    Fantasy Radio 1 Schedule

    I had a new idea earlier... 4-6 Twin B(he works at 1xtra he’s ok) 6-10 Breakfast with Matt and Mollie 10-1 Jordon North 1-4 Scott&Chris 4-6 Annie Mac 6-6.15 Newsbeat 6.15-7 Drivetime Mix with Annie Mac 7-9 Rochelle Humes( Works at heart) 9-11 The 8th With Dev Friday 4-7 The Officiall Chart with Grimmy 7-9 Danny Howard 9-11 Pete Tong Weekends including Friday before 4 6-10 Greg James 10-1 Liliana Bird(works at radio x) 1-4 Sian Webly(again off heart). 4-7 The Saturday and Sunday Surgery with Katie and Dr Radha 7-9 Maya Jama(Saturday) 9-11 The Rap Show(don’t know who the new presenter is?) Sunday 7-9 Arielle Free 9-11 Alice Levine Podcasts Scott Mills Daily The Matt and Mollie Breakfast Show The 8th With Dev The Surgery-Overtime Annie Mac’s Drivetime Mix James Cordon Comedy Podcast(Dream anyway) The Rochelle Humes Podcast Plus maybe the specialist shows and mixes on a podcast as well
  12. anothernerd

    Radio 1 off air?

    It’s probably the re launch under BBC sounds
  13. anothernerd

    Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga

    Greg played it... a couple times hasn’t he?
  14. anothernerd


    Matt and Mollie when they move to weekend brekkie would be great as a podcast. And maybe aJordon North podcast( I know he does one that is isn’t radio 1)
  15. anothernerd

    should Scott join Radio x?

    Ok so I had a thought ... the radio 1 podcasts First of all: Scott’s new podcast cover’s werid. TWO: What Radio 1 podcasts/shows do u guys actually listen to aside from Scott Mills Daily and The Greg James Podcast (That are funny) -I only listen to Scott and Greg THREE: Listening to radio x’s podcasts/shows (Johnny... Chris...) Am i the only who thinks Scott would sound better on radio x? Even if he just does a podcast for global. He and Greg stand out so much from the other radio 1 presenters. I love his radio show to bits. BUT he’s been at the BBC for 20 years! I see in the next 2 years I think Scott should move to X. He’d fit in so well there I think. Anyway what do u guys think.